The fake American.

– Made K a semi healthy British fry up breakfast. I watched him it eat. It looked good.

– My mum and I had our names day today. Elisabeth. When I was 16-19, and going out partying with older friends, I pretended to be Liz from Detroit visiting my older cousins in Sweden. I went all in and spoke in a ridiculous fake American accent to the club bouncers in order to be let in. It usually worked. Turned out that that was mostly thanks to my dad knowing most of the people running the places. 

– 11 days left of pre op liquid. Hungry af.

– Got a lift with my parents to go and by loads of food for the pets. I watched the pets devour their new evening meal. It looked good.

– Bored myself to sleep with this blog post.

Now. Sleep. Tomorrow church. JK.

Love and kisses.

Liz/ who is wishing some of the snap chat filters could be utilized “off screen” as well.


390 days later.

Happy new year! Happy Easter! Glad midsommar! Happy Halloween! Missed me much? Time flies when life goes up and down and around and around. But all is hunky dory with me.

I have so many things I want to let out and I don’t know where to begin. A few things need mentioning:

– I got married!

– My professional life changed in March and I have been taking time out to learn new things, develop new skills and interests. I am looking forward to new adventures.

– In the beginning of 2016 I took a few major decisions regarding my health. On a deep level. Treatment and therapy made me aware of certain things that changed my perspective greatly. Thank god! More on this later.

– A racist, misogynist, lying man was elected President of the US. That’s crazy scary and I am dreading the world’s political scenery the next  4 years.

– I am fatter than ever. Almost.

– Signe Larsson, a grey Scottish fold, joined our family in July.

– I saw Beyoncé in Copenhagen.

– I still dance. A lot.

– A few friends I really miss but new ones have entered my life.

– Chelsea Chandler is my WC.



Also, I have become a balcony gardener. And kind of have stopped eating meat. Mostly because of Cowspiracy.

I think I’ll stop there for now. Trying to figure out how to sort my new design and menues out. Getting there.

Laterz gaterz!

Ulrika/ who is simultaneously watching an interview with the amazing Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. Triumph instead of Trump!

Ane Brun, Star Wars and Ice Cream Bonanza. 

Friday: super tacos in Eatery Social followed by a fantastic concert with Ane Brun and guest Mariam the Believer. A night filled with an exotic vibe under the rays of Northern lights.



Saturday: quality time with nephew G. It included a lunch in the fish restaurant SaltoSill, swapping toys with Retoy, grocery shopping, playing Star Wars and drying up his crocodile tears when he cut his thumb while helping me cooking up Saturday’s dinner, 13 episodes of Curious George, chocolate ice cream eating contest where the 4 yr old knocked the 40 yr old. He plays in a different league.


Sunday: shoe shopping for Mr G and then some cosy cinema time. In the afternoon we all got together at mum’s and dad’s to celebrate her birthday with meatloaf, chocolate tarts and hugs. No sugar detox as of yet…

Week coming up I will be having my niece M staying over Wednesday – Sunday! I will be taking two days off and enjoy Autumn break with love monkeys. We have a bunch of fun plans in the making.

More of that later. Ep 5 of Bron season 3 is on soon then off to bed.

Tata for now and thank you for reading!

Ulrika/ who is very happy Ove the dog is feeling much better after having some bad teeth removed. Surgery is always scary, not to mention expensive. But when he feels good I feel good.


Last weekend I cashed in my birthday present from K and that included a weekend away in a lovely Copenhagen. A beautiful city, 30 minutes away across the bridge. We stayed in Hotel Alexandra, known for its’ well planned play with retro interior and rooms filled with exquisite furniture from giants like Arne Jacobsen and Verner Panton. Our shared interest in furniture design and high quality pieces of design is really a big plus. Both of us were in a design heaven sneaking around in the hotel sitting in different chairs and sofas. It was  quite a pricey stay and if you don’t have design interest I think there are better less expensive alternatives for a central hotel  in Copenhagen.

   K modelling and a bunch of miniature beauties.
 The Bølling duckling was another gift from K. An adorable new friend for our home. Here in good company with my panda my mum bought me. I  

We spent a rainy and grey Saturday visiting shops and getting inspired. The style and relaxed attitude in Copenhagen yet always a touch of finesse and exclusitivity is something that thrills me. The Danish feel more free in their fashion and constitute an air of confidence that I missed in Stockholm and in Sweden in general. No need to be perfect and no hidden angst or the strong conflict between fitting in and always be an individualist. In Stockholm people are gorgeous, flawless, but uniform. In Copenhagen people are gorgeous but more rough and rock’n’roll. Lust is the word that lingers with me. Lust for flavours, for style, for life. No excuses. I love it!

   Say hey to HAY! I have for a couple of years been a big fan of HAY and their products. Great products to affordable prices. We visited their flag ship store and I now have some great ideas for our bedroom.


 OMG! Smushi! Sushi and smørrebrød all in one and in an amazing setting in the Royal Smushi Café of Copenhagen. You MUST visit! I will go there everytime in CPH. Close to magic and it made me feel like one of the guests at the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Fun, beautiful and delicious. I mean, I couldn’t even get a selfie right. The chocolate Danish was on K’s wish list – he didn’t finish it. Too much energy in every buttery bite.


Many steps later, after walking around for hours. We took a night out for a great, organic meal in one of Vesterbro’s hidden away gem, Madsvinet. Terrific finish of a terrific day! Unfortunately I didn’t snapshot our night out. I was too busy indulging.


   Crazy queues and lining up to enter the infinite world of Yayoi Kusama. It is a great exhibition but it was hysterical and packed with visitors. I will revisit on a weekday. It was far from a pleasant experience. Loud, busy, and no time for taking it all in. 

Living in Malmö, I have Copenhagen on the door step. Door to door it takes me less time travelling there than when I lived outside Stockholm going into the city. Lucky and filled with that Danish lust!

Ulrika/ who is confessing that understanding Danish was much easier when being 16 and boozed up.


Since last many things have happened but not much has changed. My mind has been blank trying to figure out what to post on the blog. I see that I still have a few readers worldwide, which is fascinating and leaves me wondering: how did you find me? And what makes you come back? For whatever reason I feel flattered and happy.

I have no clear strategy or purpose for this forum as of yet. But I have a few ideas for the future to take to another level and pepper it with more edge, raw honesty and less mumbo jumbo. But for now I am sticking to this rather unstructured, observational, self examining narrative that I dare to say defines me. I guess with this post I am giving you a bit of an update.
I have, the last two months, been in a bubble getting a good working from home routine going combined with monthly trips to Malta and now and again to the Stockholm office. My work as a brand /product manager doing what I’ve done the last 3 yrs is going well but also combining that with administrating my own business is creating a bit more of a stir and a slightly longer to do list. I have the perfect solution but it gets lonely at times. Thank God for Skype and a good team in Malta.

My eating disorder and all its’ ups and downs is a tiredsome subject. I am being coached in iTrim to learn (again) about routines and healthy choices. I am trying to work more actively on the inside and redirecting my train of thought. I am reading literature and will start working with cognitive behavioural therapy I learned in 2006 when I was admitted to the clinic for eating disorders. For the first time in my life I am giving myself the time and place to do this. To feel the pain the disorder causes me and to look at it with new, slightly older eyes. I fool myself time and time again working with quick fixes and the compensation strategy. I know the disorder and the emotional eating pattern I have is something that I will have with me until I die. I manage it but just. I need to work with anxiety and control behaviour before it gets out of hand. Only my very very close family and loved ones know how this affects me in periods. How it can bring me down. But it is also a source for my raw determination and strength. I am just grateful that in my case the addiction has been food and my drug of choice never turned to alcohol or narcotics. I am forty and I am beyond body issues and the vanity phase. Even though that body issue question is a hot debate at the moment. I know I will never be pleased with myself unless I find the peace from within. My tools right now are:

– honesty to myself

– meditation, relaxation exercises

– physical exercises to snap out of my mood swings. Something little everyday.

– logging food intake in Lifesum. Not to see the calories but to minimise over or undeating and create a pattern where I eat and actually remember the intake.

– going to the biweekly meetings.

– sugar detox. Eat clean 80% of the time.

I don’t think I have ever seen things as clearly as today. The last months have been filled with self doubt and questioning myself and my will power. I am in such a good place in all ways. I have love, I am loved and I love. I am living with a great man and have the support from a loving family. I have the material things (and more) I want and need and I live in a beautiful home in a place of the world that is rich, clean and safe. Still, the doubt is there. So enough of that. Time to get sorted. In the future I am hoping to find a way to share without pointing fingers. I am failing all the time. But I know that each failure is a lesson awaiting to be learned and as long as I breathe and my blood pumps as free as it should I get a new chance to be and to do better. Never perfect but always a little bit better.

 The above books are being analysed at the moment. The sugar detox will start after my next Malta trip. I need not be on the move when detoxing as I know I will be constantly angry for a few weeks.

Happy, beaten and proud after a training session with my new personal trainer Emy. Let me know if you are in Malmö and want to come with me to SATS or iTrim. I’ll train most things!

 My bunch! Love all the way, through good and bad, happy and sad.❤️

Ok. I do not promise but I am pretty sure the next post will be closer than 2 months away. Until then, lots of love and waves from this side of an iPhone.

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I’ve ended up where I needed to be.”  Douglas Adams

Ulrika/ who is done over thinking and ready for an evening walk with Ove the dog.

As long as there is cream, there is hope.

So the day is here. Leaving my 30’s behind entering the big four ooooo. And I am a lucky 40 year old individual being celebrated by my dear and near ones. We started all ready on Friday hanging out with nephew and nieces doing fun stuff in the sun!




IMG_2845.JPGBeautiful day in the sun with these loveys. The Boo dog we got them on the tax free coming home from Egypt is nothing less but a success.




IMG_2946.JPGMy beautiful parents gave me exactly what I wanted, life….and a perfect crayfish party! We gave them a selfie stick, see more in the next post.

This morning my K and Ove the dog woke me up with beautiful candlelights, coffee and song. We are off for a weekend in Copenhagen later on in the autumn and K surprised me with a new lens for my Pentax. I have signed up for a class in photography September to October and I am so looking forward to this. To learn how to use my yellow, lovely Pentax I got three years ago has been on my to do list for a long time. We enjoyed champagne brunch after my training and then off out in the sun for boule and dinner later on at Boulebar with the best bunch.








IMG_2911.JPGA beautiful day with my beautiful family all crazy about boule ❤️.


IMG_2951.JPGThank you for the best birthday!❤️ Getting older with a K in my life feels so so right.

Thank you, friends and family, near and far, for greetings, presents and hugs! For good laughs and waves of love. I love my new Kimono and my iWatch and my camera lens. I also received a bunch of facials and beauty treatments that await me. Relaxing and soothing I am sure. I love it all but above all the stuff, I love you.

Ulrika/ a woman in her forties!

IMG_2877.JPGPosing it! Mjjarrååå…

IMG_2954.JPGNever under estimate the power of moisturiser.