Office time with Johnny.

Having a bit of a breather and cat nap here in my hotel room. It has been a good day here in Malta with a few meetings and fixing bits and pieces before the VIP guest arrives in a few hours. She is in Berlin now and I just got a message from her sayingContinue reading “Office time with Johnny.”

Little mr disaster

Here I am cuddled up in the big bath robe in my big hotel bed. We recieved a princess like welcome here at the Palace and it has so far been a pleasure. Somehow we got upgraded and for the same quote my colleague ended up in a super suite with a huge terrace facingContinue reading “Little mr disaster”

Insomnia gave me the boost!

Hello, hello, hello! I woke up at 3 am this morning feeling wide awake, so now, 18 hrs later I am running on adrenaline. Feeling happier and less stressed. It is my control behaviour pushing me over the edge sometimes. I had a very productive day at work and all is set and ready toContinue reading “Insomnia gave me the boost!”


Swimwear. Beach dress. Goggles. Swim shoes. Fancy sandals. Funky sandals. Glittery wedges. Glittery ballerinas. Sonia Rykiel bow bag. Michael Kors party bag. Training shoes and 4 training outfits. 3 nice dresses. 1 full skirt. 1 pair of skinny jeans. 3 colourful vests. 1 Mickey Mouse tee. That’ll do.

Deprestressed…but still a doer.

Oh what a rainy Sunday it has been here around my neck of the woods. And I have been feeling rainy and low myself as well. I have so much emotional stress inside of me that sometimes hits me like a wave. And it gets hard to breathe. Today is one of those days. ItContinue reading “Deprestressed…but still a doer.”


And who can blame me. Both lunch and dinner provided flavour sensations! Lush lunch at the great Tradition. Great place close to the office. Dinner chez moi. Both me and my company had orgasmic like sensations when tasting the cauliflower purée! Email me for the recipe! Now more chit chat and gossip then beauty sleep!Continue reading “Satisfied.”