Four weeks away from paradise!

Good morning Sunday! Today is a day far from resting. A zillion things to do on my todolist and the sun is out so checking off must go quicker than quick.

Just in case I won’t have time to post anything later on today you will surely understand why (when writing this some of the things have allready been taken care of):

  • PW with Ove the dog (check)
  • Breakfast in front of the TVmorning news (check)
  • Some work things to prepare for the week. (halfway there)
  • Pedicure
  • Laundry
  • Preparing my mamma’s visit next week. Abba the Museum, restaurants, shopping unt so weither.
  • Winter jackets and shoes off to storage.
  • Being a dog hairdresser. Cutting Ove the dog’s fur down a bit.
  • A bit of Sunday cleaning.
  • Spinning in World Class Nacka with one of my favourite instructors, Amanda Eade.
  • Cleaning the fridge making it all LCHF-friendly.
  • Food shopping



Picking up one tired Ove the dog. Time for a PW in Saltsjö Duvnäs.

And yes – I just realized it is exactly 4 weeks to go before my 10 day holiday in Antibes starts. Cannot wait! Spending time in the sun with mamma and pappa and celebrating pappa’s 60th birthday. Vineyards and markets to visit, paddling standing up to be tried, swimming to do, Picassos to be inspired by, and a future impressive tan to take care of. Not to mention the croissants I will NOT eat. Hurry up allready!


Bonjour Antibes! See you soon.


This will be a present to myself. A crash course in standing up paddling. Perfect core work out and working on the tan at the same time.


Café cremes will be enjoyed without pasteries and that is a promise.


La mer, la mer, la mer! Give it to me.

Ready, steady, go – have a fab Sunday y’all!


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