Big assed butter and bird lover!

Butter, cream, cheese! My first day of proper LCHF diet was almost a bit of a shock to the system after so many low energy diets. Believe me, it was good. I am eating in moderation, according to the menu plan, but the food is really filling and rich. The dinner was in particular good and I will eat that same thing for lunch tomorrow. Salmon in the oven with feta cheese and creme fraiche together with cauliflower mashed with melt butter, parmesan and a dash of cream. I added som chili and parsley to the mash.


bild13maj3Fooooooodies! The recipes and my menu plan i am getting from the book “Dags att bli smal!”, Katrin Zytomierska.

My weigh in this morning was no surprise, 74,2 kilos, that means that I have gained 5 kilos since just before Christmas. I have been much heavier than this back when I was super fat. But this is now and I have another 10-14 kilos to go. It is my sugar addiction that continuosly prevents me from keeping a good balanced diet and I make the wrong priorities far too much. The scales prove it. It doesn’t matter how much I train and time I spend in the gym, believe me, I do train a LOT. If the food isn’t right I will continue to be a fat, however fit and strong woman. From therapy and books on my addiction I have learned the LCHF method can work as keeping my addiction at bay.  It has helped many other sugar addicts to handle their cravings sticking with the LCHF diet, and I am convinced it will help me as well.



Biker chick – off to work and ready for a new week.

Day one is done and as always on the start of a big change I am over the moon positive and could almost touch the sky. This time I am intending to keep it up and stay focused and not slipping back into my old habit of giving up. One of the main reasons for me sharing this journey in a blog is the knowledge that I have eyes on me and that I can actually inspire others. I also get a chance to network and to see how many out there that are struggling with the same issues in life, also I work better under a bit of pressure. But as always, my problem, my solution!

Over to something different. Jesus! In the background the TV is on showing a program about a veterinary hospital and they just gave a big dog a hand job to get sperm samples to see if the dog’s little swimmers are strong, healthy ones. The dog, a big bernese mountain dog looked troubled and  who can blame him when he has a young blonde human between his paws doing dirty stuff to him. It was a happy result though and his sperm is all fine.

And on another note. I am hung up on birds in my interior design, so much I am thinking of getting a live one. A little colourful budgie bird to serve  as a new family member. I never had a bird. I am definately going to do some research about the budgie. They are pretty, and seem to have a good view on life.


blogg13maj1In good company – kviddevitt as the Swedish bird would say.

This tired big assed budgie is off to bed soon (just need to see who gets voted off from Biggest Loser Sweden first). I only had 5,5 hrs sleep last night. I was full of butterflies and ended up watching Good Will Hunting again. I love that movie. Also I cannot stop myself from planning ahead for my mamma’s visit this week. So many thing to do! And yes, also I got a mail from the Antibes paddling club, I am booking in private lessons with a certain Jean-Denis, oh la la! He promised me that if I enjoy it after the first lessons he will come with me around the coast line of Antibes showing me the sights.


Wishing ya’ll a lovely evening! Tata for now!



4 thoughts on “Big assed butter and bird lover!

  1. Bra jobbat, såg ditt namn flimra förbi på forumet igår. Jag kör all in och har startat en liten blogg jag med…häpp & pepp!

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