Princess of mess.

Busy bee today but it has been a very productive day. Both at work and fitness wise. We have planned out loads of summer campaigns for the site and it looks good. An eventful summer awaits for our customers on

People that know me well also know that I am silly energetic in the mornings and I normally get up around 5 am. I hate stressful mornings and I like to take my time preparing for the day and focus on the tasks ahead. When waking up I stay in bed a couple of minutes looking at my to do list in my phone. Checking out Instagram and Facebook. Getting up washing my face and preparing breakfast. Normally leaving the apartment in a bit of a state in the evening – yes I am a princess of mess, but love it when it is unmessy – I tend to have a quick clean up in the morning. After that I can relax again enjoying a breakfast and two cups of coffee.

Then packing begins. Gym clothes and the outfit for the day. I go to work in “cycling” clothes and get showered, changed and all beautiful in the office on arrival. Before leaving I take Ove the dog out for is morning walk and a big old cuddle and house play before dashing off out.

That is my morning routine – and the older I get, the more routines I seem to create. Also when living on my own and not having children creates a space for me that allows all of that.

My life in a pile! Post gym, just arrived home, emptying it all out on the floor to put stuff in the laundry. I’ll pick it up tomorrow – promise!


A bit of beauty salon in my sofa tonight. Bright red nail varnish from Essie, “Hip-anema” is the coloured called.
Matching lips and my new shades that i got in London. Bling bling eyes! Yes, I always wear shades watching telly.

Oh yes, day two of LCHF has gone down smoothly and so far lost 0,7 kilos (24 hours…) but that could easily have been gas.


Tata for now loveys!



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