Brain out of order – but I did clean.

Ok, day 3 of LCHF or almost NCHF and now I can feel it. I can honestly say that I am absolutely knackered and my brain and spirits were far from top notch this Wednesday. Two weeks is what it normally takes for the body to get used to this type of diet. Having had a few months of total sugar hell I realize that my body is now screaming for its’ drug number one. I am sticking with it and keeping up the training. The food is absolutey delish and my body is responding well looking at the scales (-1 kilo since Monday!). But today I will be in bed by 9 pm, will try to get at least 7 hrs of sleep!

I did, however, manage to tidy up at home and I bought fresh flowers on the market and they look beautiful on my kitchen table. Tomorrow is the day when my fab mamma is coming up to stay until next Wednesday. We are going to have five fine days together here in Stockholm.


Mamma and I on her last visit here in Stockholm.

Mamma and I back when.

More dead than alive through the Dixon lamp.


Blog. Post. Over. And. Out.

Toodeloo for now loveydovey!



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