Seven days and I am having a meatbaby!

I have had a real nice long weekend off with my mamma. And the really good thing is that for me the weekend isn’t finished just yet. I am off another day tomorrow. We have done a lot of shopping (we; means my mamma, since my London trip a few weeks ago killed my economy for a little bit…). We have been out in Stockholms skärgård (archpelago), boat cruising freezing our asses off going to Waxholm. We epxerienced a lamb burger from hell – never before did I eat such a bad burger. To cure the bad experience eating that burger from hell we ate lots of other good stuff like seafood galore, chicken caesar salad with extra dressing and gorgeous big steak with portobello mushrooms in butter and cream and asparagus. Not all at once.

Soon finishing off my last day of the first week in my LCHF-life I have come to the conclusion:

– Hunger control is spot on. Don’t feel hungry at all.

– The menu plan is real easy to follow. Easy recipies that fit my schedule fine.

– I don’t like zucchini or eggplant much. I might get used to it, but no, don’t think so.

– Cauli flower is the new black.

– Brie is now my middle name. Sounds better than Roquefort.

– After 3 pm my brain is not its’ normal glorious self. Luckily I have a smile that weighs up for that. They say that after 2 weeks the system is back to standard again.

– I have continued my training but taking it a little bit more easy due to dizziness.

– Slowly getting addicted to the no carb energy pick me up Celsius. Orange flavour is my favourite.

– I feel lighter in my body and firmer somehow. Also, I got some new bras today and I am now a Swedish size 75 c. Smaller but still a good handful.

Tomorrow we are hitting the city centre for some more sightseeing of beautiful Stockholm. I love touristing in my hometown. I have lived in Stockholm since 2005 and I never tire of seeing new things. I will continue to look for a new bikini and swimsuit. Today’s epic failure with wearing the biggest grandma panties when trying out smaller bikini bottoms on top was just a waste of time.  And warm.

 blogg19maj2Please excuse my foodie pics but they are a must. Still looks bad but tastes divine. Even som zucchini there and I ate all of it. I hope I will give birth to that steak again before weigh in tomorrow morning…


Close to death experience in the gym today. Total burned calories: 730 in 1 hr.

blogg19maj1Ove the dog sniffing the carpet with his favourite pig.

But now my loveys – I am turning my head up to watch Sweden win the hockey worldchampionships. Go boys! And I will finish this day in bed talking myself to sleep telling me sweet nothings of what a good girl I have been working the LCHF and training like a baws! Nothing wrong with a bit of self love boosting before bedtime.



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