Bargain blood hound!

7 days of LCHF with a good portion of training resulted in -1,5 kilos and -1 cm smaller waist. Keep it coming! Week two is a copy of week one when it comes to the menu plan. I will do some heavier training as my head doesn’t feel as heavy anymore.

I celebrated with a lovely day out in the sun with mamma in Stockholm. I got a new paddle friendly swim suit for the Antibes trip from Abecita. I also bargained two new dresses on Monki. I am the best person I know to find good deals when clothes shopping. I am the Sherlock Holmes of bargain shopping great fashion. Believe me, there is now way I could ever afford my taste at full price!


Kebab lunch out on the town with mamma. I am wearing shades from Primark €2, blouse from Marc by Marc Jacobs €60 (was €290), necklace from Monki €7, jeans from Primark €10, white jacket from HM €7. Bracelets a mix of cheap plastics and priceless invaluables from my mother.


Beautiful harray of colours and goodies on Hötorget. Dinner and breakfast and dessert – all in one.

20130520-224030.jpgEveryday she’s hustlin’ – or hagglin’ or whatever it is called. Mamma is not bad at doing bargains either.


Today’s foodie is my 20 minute quick dinner. Fresh asparagus in butter, some garlic and parmesan. Huge amount of salmon grilled in the oven with creme fraiche and goat’s cheese. Good good good!

Now it is time to enjoy a bit of Project Runway. I took tomorrow off as well so no office for me. The weather forecast predicts rain and I am surprising my mamma with a fun day in the Abba Museum. I will try to get her to do a music video with her old idols. Let’s see about that shall we. Thank you for the music and for reading!

Tata for now loveys!


3 thoughts on “Bargain blood hound!

  1. Jävla iPhone att strejka precis när jag skulle kommentera!!!

    Får jag låna dig som blodhund när det är dags att shoppa nytt skulle det stå… Grrr…nåväl. Ha en fin dag nu!

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