Mamma Collvin is gorge!

Bits of my day in photos. Summing this, the 21st of May, up as MIGHTY FINE. Mamma goes back to Malmö tomorrow and I will feel a little bit lonely. It has been so nice having her around. The little things like making coffee for two and having someone to tell g’nite before lights are out are things I took for granted when not being single. Oh well, good things and healthy single, rich, gorgeous, kind, fun men come for those who wait. And in the meantime there is Ove the dog to spoil.


Started the day in the gym. Legs on fire and a bit of abs.


Found this dress for mamma in COS. it is perfect.


61 and fabulous! Bijotiful mamma.

On Sunday it is Morher’s Day here in Sweden. I celebrated mamma with;


A fine lunch at Konstnärsbaren…


Where I had the grilled tuna with greens. I pushed the capers and potatoes aside.


We spent time feeling fabrics and buying new make up bags in Svenskt Tenn. This Svenskt Tenn lady is planting stuff.


My new yellow make up bag is now at home here in my bathroom shelf.


We had another seafood galore for dinner. I stink of aioli and hope my gym instructor will forgive me tomorrow morning…


We bought flowers at the market to go with the prawns.



…I found this gorgeous marimekko dress on sale. Did not buy it, yet. I shouldn’t but I might…ok ok ok ok I will!

Ok, loveys! This lchf-ing Meatbucket has set her alarm on 5am for early gym and then office time. G’nite!



Oh and yes fika of course in NK.

One thought on “Mamma Collvin is gorge!

  1. Verkar som du haft sköna dagar med mamman. Längtar till nästa fredag då jag får spendera 5 sköna dagar med min mamma i ett förhoppningsvis soligt & varmt Barcelona 🙂

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