Alone with my selfies

Back in business, well, not yet but soon. Super busy in the office and I had a bit of panicky negative stress day. Luckily I started it off with a very sweaty spinning class at 6.45 here in my local gym. My instructor Amanda Eade is brill. She makes me sweat like an old French Cheese. A big no no is hand crèam on prior to class. It got slippery today. But I am enjoying my natural manicure so much I am constantly moisturizing.

I am doing much of nothing this evening. I spend my time admiring my cleanlooking hands and talking selfies. And this is not a lie. Now some laundry and a mini clean. Tomorrow my friend M is coming for dinner and I want her to enjoy dinner without my mess.

So far -2,2 kilos on lchf – no complaints! Lchf I love you!


I have small sensitive nails. Now with this gellaque they should grow stronger. Don’t worry, I Will let you know how I get on.


Sofa time! And look at the Oak tree outside. Blue tit birds live there.

Ok time to go. Have been thinking about getting a little bird tattoo on my arm wrist. But if my dad finds out I will be crossed out of his will. 38 yrs old or not…

Tata for now lovey!


One thought on “Alone with my selfies

  1. Hello,
    Jag skriver under på “jag älskar LCHF”!!! Lagar mat & äter & bloggar för glatta livet. PWat har jag gjort också och imon är det cykelpremiär till jobbet!!!

    Ett tips på stenhårda naglar, Trind matte. Finns på Åhléns för typ 130:- Ger naturligt starka naglar. Mina stumpar som varit sköra i hela mitt liv är stenhårda och jättefina. Dessvärre får jag sällan njuta av deras fullängd pga jobbet, men när jag fuskar och låter dem växa så tror folk att det är fejknaglar så det finns hopp!!! Kram

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