Insomnia gave me the boost!

Hello, hello, hello!

I woke up at 3 am this morning feeling wide awake, so now, 18 hrs later I am running on adrenaline. Feeling happier and less stressed. It is my control behaviour pushing me over the edge sometimes. I had a very productive day at work and all is set and ready to go for our Malta adventure. I am looking forward seeing all my colleagues on the sunny Island, enjoying a bit of the Mediterranean and the sun. I will start my days running a 5 k strip along the strand from my hotel The Palace over St Julians up to the pier by the Hilton. Loooonging. Seeing the sun kissing the azur coloured sea is a sensational start of the day.

I nervously stod on the scales this morning and it was +0,2 since last week. Not great but no disaster either. On the upside my waist had shrunk, 3 cms in 2 week! Bloody amazing! Woohoo! Someone is gonna get skinny! Ok, not skinny but slender with great muscle mass. I feel motivated and I have prepared a food plan that practically will work in Malta. I will have a few glasses of wine during the week but no major partying going on. I will avoid looking in the coktail menu. The hotel’s appletini is fiiiiine.


View from the terrace at the Palace. On Thursday we are having pool lunch with the team right next to it.


On Friday I have rented a speed boat and will pack a picnic going out to the Blue Lagoon with some of the team and the winner!

Sunny side up – tata for now lovey!


One thought on “Insomnia gave me the boost!

  1. Bra jobbat med måttbandet! Jag väntar 3 v till. Plussade på två sätt idag ett bra & ett dåligt:
    Dåligt: +1,4 kg på vågen trots fair fight
    Bra: kollade ketosen och den plussade högsta värdet på stickan

    = jag är övertygad att när vattenballongsveckan är över så kommer ett minus visa sig-av det positiva svaret.

    Vi kör vidare!!! Peppkram

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