Little mr disaster

Here I am cuddled up in the big bath robe in my big hotel bed. We recieved a princess like welcome here at the Palace and it has so far been a pleasure. Somehow we got upgraded and for the same quote my colleague ended up in a super suite with a huge terrace facing the sea on top floor. I am staying in 738 just like last time next door to the gym. Wohooo!

The flight down went smooth like silk. However, next to me was 5 yr old Hector and his mum. Hector continued to ensure himself and me that we were not going to crash. His mum calmed him down answering his questions patiently. After 20 mins he was at ease chewing his wine gums like there was no tomorrow. He thinks a lot, looking around and then blurts; “Can you get cancer from insects?”, I smile and look away realising I have another 3 hrs with little mr disaster close to me. We continue our journey, me watching the fantastic movie Smoke and Hector finds some new friendster to focus on. Before landing he realises that Malta is a tiny tiny island all surrounded by a big sea. Hector then starts questionning the pilot’s competence and is certain we will miss land and end up in the water. Thankfully, both Hector and I are now safe and sound. No accidents to mention.



A little bit of Rodebjer for dinner.


Time for beauty sleep.

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite. (They might give you cancer!)


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