Office time with Johnny.

Having a bit of a breather and cat nap here in my hotel room. It has been a good day here in Malta with a few meetings and fixing bits and pieces before the VIP guest arrives in a few hours. She is in Berlin now and I just got a message from her saying that the flight is 30 minutes delayed.

Tonight we are having dinner up on the roof top in an Asian fusion restaurant. I am going for sashimi, YUM! After dinner some other members of the bertil crew will come to join me in welcoming our guests. I’ve booked a super nice lounge area with ocean view. Will get some pics up later for you.

LCHF wise I have been good. Breakfast was a big one ( needed it after the run) and for lunch a perfect chicken Caesar salad.


Morning fuel.


Johnny made me company in the office. He loved it.


Stuff to stuff goodie bags with.

You will hear more from me soon!

Tata and the rest of it!


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