Kardashian wannabe and hickeys on my neck.

Our Malta adventure has now come to an end and I am back home in Stockholm after a long day of travelling. It has been too little of sleeping, too much of drinking and too little training. But – I have been sticking to the lchf food plan and I have danced, sung karaoke, entertained our guests and working all at the same time. In short:

– I have been eating chicken caesar salad way too many times.

– Rib boat picnic was a blast and swimming in the Med is one of my favourite things to do.

– Friday night was party night and it was a rampage. I came back to the hotel around 8 am Saturday (!!!!) and did not sleep a wink. When I later on was meeting up my colleague A I saw 4 hickeys on my neck. Well hello teenage life!

– I bought myself a gorgeous figure hugging Kardashian-dress that I cannot wait to wear so I was wearing it today when doing laundry and unpacking my suitcase.

– I only trained twice during my Malta stay. But the dancing in the club and all that vodka must have done some burning of calories to weigh up for lacking to run.

Here comes the Maltaadventure in photos. I apologize for some repeats and also send out a selfie warning.

ImageGreat photos taken by my colleauge A. A day never to be forgotten out on the sea with my team and the winner.



The captain of the boat David was super! Love him! Our winner gave him hugs while I paid the bill.


The marimekko is on and so am I. Dinner time and I feel like candy.

ImageV for victory. The winner enjoyed a dip with me in the hotel pool.


Looking all innocent. I bought that necklace in Primark on Oxford Street in London. It was a hit amongst the kids in the club in Paceville.



I think that the dick of that bull was the beginning of our crazy Friday night.



Pretty trio!



I got my own and I love it!

What happens in Malta, stays in Malta. Tomorrow is weigh in and I know that the alcohol has a very negative affect on the weight loss. But – up in the saddle again. Tata for now loveys!




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