Biggest loser – kaboom!

Ok! So today the doctor gave me strong cough medicine but the fever is on and off. Anyway, feeling better and I dont know what happened this week. No training and not super strict lchf food but -2,5 on the scales! It must be muscle mass that I am loosing. Plus still no real good apetite but I am doing my best to cook meals and eat well in between sleeping myself better.


In exactly 35 hours I will be on a plane down to Nice for two weeks in Antibes. I am looking forward to the sun and the sea, the Picasso vibe, some wine, visiting friends of the family and celebrating my pappa’s 60th birthday. My parents are allready on location and they are loving it, they live 15 meters from the beach! I am also looking forward to a trip or two to Italy and see Liguria. And I still haven’t packed! There is always tomorrow. Right now I am busy watching part 1 of the Swedish finale of Biggest Loser and oh my – what warriors! They are fantastic! Inspirational. I had my share of being morbidly obese and my journey is not over yet even though I am a much healthier person today it is still something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Being fat sucks – that much is true!


ImageSick and tired of being sick and tired.




Hóla Pablo! Love a man with big hands and stripes.



Looking forward getting me some Joie de Vivre in Antibes.


Mamma is showing off the balcony view before a dip in the blue. Happy lady!

All right then loveys, now time for the evening drugs and warm water with honey before bed!

TTYL and thanks for reading!




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