J’adore, j’adore, j’adore!

First of all a warning: this post will be super long and contain severe holiday snapshots. I haven’t been posting for so long and I need to get stuff out.

How wonderful life is! The stubborn cold is almost fully vanished and I have been able to train a bit of cardio again. And life here on C’ote d’Azur is glorious. Due to the strikes I came down 1,5 days later than planned but that is long forgotten. Now I am praying for another strike to take place when I am to return back home to Stockholm, say 23rd of June. I welcome 4 days of full strike, no planes going from Nice to Stockholm.

We are living a lush life doing only lazy wonderful holiday things. I start my mornings with a PW or run for about 40 minutes on the coastline up on the Cap D’Antibes. People around these neck of the woods are super active. Women and men of all ages and shapes go out running, 24/7 it seems. We live 15 meters from the beach de Salis. A nice strip of white sand carefully looked after by the council. Around 6 am each morning they have cleaners and machines making the beach all fresh again. The beach life around here is magnificent. People stay all day with picnics and sport equipments. In the evenings parties and beach volley ball take place. If I was 15 I would be down there strutting around!

I have been taking time for myself strolling around in the old town of Antibes as well as up on the Cap. It is so wonderful here, it is getting close to being one of my favourite holidays so far. The views, the people, the sea, the food, the everything – I love it! Yesterday, Christina B, a family friend living here in the Cap took us for lunch in Biot. A small village up on a point between Antibes and Nice. It is known for its’ craftsmanship and beautiful glassware and there were small studios with glass blowers working hard on this sunny Saturday.

If you go down these parts of France you MUST visit the restaurant Les Arcades (informally known as Chez Mimi) where they serve delicious provencal dishes and a great many laughters. The two brothers, Jean Francois and Marco where hilarious giving us full attention. Loud, happy and generous! Around the corner from the restaurant a wedding was taking place and the small village was buzzing with wedding guests and tourists all mixed together. Over to the food, I had the omelette with artichokes and mushrooms and it was melting all the way down. With that we had a few glasses of Miraval, rosé. Much known to come from the Chateaux where the Pitts live. Hollywood or not, it was very tasty. The afternoon was spent in Christina’s beautiful house by the pool. Listening to the noise of a Korean squirrel going bananas in the bushes. It sounded like terrier on speed barking and climaxing all at the same time.

I am now staying in the very small hotel, Petite Reserve, also 15 meters from the beach and 30 meters from where my parents’ stay. It is a simple hotel but it has all I need. And the Swedish ladies that run it are sweet and service minded. Plus the two hotel dogs, Vega and Simbi are my new BFFs here. I am lovebombing them every chance I get.

This Sunday have had a bit of a cloudy morning which suits me fine. Perfect blog weather! My parents are down on the beach and I am sitting on the balcony watching couples and families starting to arrange their towels and umbrellas in their favourite spots. Children are allready in the water playing. The sun is coming through the clouds and I am sure that within 60 minutes they sky is blue again. I am soon going to get into my swimwear and enjoy my book and a long swim. For lunch we will have a picnic and this evening we are going for fish and moules in a restaurant close to where we are staying.

Tomorrow is a big day. My pappa turns 60! He is deciding how we should spend it and it seems it will be in a normal Antibes fashion. Sun, sea, wine and laugther! Just how I like it. I wish you a fantastic Sunday. Sunshine, love and tata for now!


P.S I have been taking some pretty cool photos of pigeons going loco in the palm trees with my Pentax. Cannot wait to get them on the blog. Will be after I am back since I forgot the cable to the Mac.


Typical evening in Antibes – rosé, olives, cheese and wathching pappa trying to see people on the big yachts anchored in the bay.


Since we are having wine routines each evening, fitness routine each morning.


J’adore Antibes, j’adore les palm trees!

When in Rome…or Provence.

Lunch at Les Arcades takes place here. Go there!


Wine á la PItt!


Delicious starters: parma, pavriot, fleurs de courgette and artichokes!


The brothers Jean Francois and Marco sign the paper with the order. Memory for life.

The result and pappa is going to frame it.

Beautiful Biot.


Handsome glass blower of Biot. Unfortunately he had a day off this particular Saturday. I might go back to see him in action…


Parents posing by the pool chez Christina.

ImageJ’adore la piscine!

ImageMamma and I getting all Sepia.


My petite room in La Petite Reserve. Still with a sea view and the bed is perfect for one. So no magic any other than good sleep is happening this holiday.


Gorgeous, brown and chubby. Simbi and Vega are good snoozers and wonderful hotel dogs.


Bon soir! Egg, cheese and wine. Gourmet for me.

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