Want it so so bad!

Tired Tuesday. Did a 5 k run for morning exercise and then today after work upper body strength, dead lifts and abs circle. I am in my sofa now doing nothing but day dreaming and longing for several different things. DESIRE AND LONGING! My family, my British visit and dinner with M on Thursday nightContinue reading “Want it so so bad!”

Penguin walk and the longing for stars.

This Monday was a fine Monday. Back in the office, still very quiet, 80% of my colleauges being of on their summer holidays. The good thing is, I get like loooooots done in a short amount of time. M was home working as se felt a bit poorly and biked to her during lunch eatingContinue reading “Penguin walk and the longing for stars.”

Out of Africa in my heart.

To feel better before going to sleep I am watching the epic Out of Africa. I love this movie and have since I was a kid. I was 10 the first time I saw it in the cinema and I was too young to appreciate the real drama going on. But I fell in loveContinue reading “Out of Africa in my heart.”

300 periods later and still surprised.

I am 38 in a couple of weeks and still I am as surprised and chocked over my volcano like mood swings when getting the period. I should know by now, 25 years down the line and around about 300 periods later. There is a frustrated teenager with a dragon like temper living in meContinue reading “300 periods later and still surprised.”

White nights – sugar free, again!

Have had an on and off relationship with LCHF ever since I got back from France and I haven’t been strict enough. Since Saturday I am walking the talk and today is day 6 of super strictness and my body is again feeling stronger and less bloated. Yesterday and the day before I had severeContinue reading “White nights – sugar free, again!”

Stuff that mean things. My home is now your home – welcome!

Since I was about 3 years old I have been a sucker for colour, beautiful things and creativity. I have had colour phases of pink, red, green and yellow and blue. I loved fixing my own clothing arrangements, to my parents’ dismay, arrangeing my room and fixing and fiddleing by my desk. I stlll rememberContinue reading “Stuff that mean things. My home is now your home – welcome!”

Demolition butt on its’ way!

Super hot hot! Just got back from an evening swim in the lake with Ove the dog. Ok, not so much of a swim, more of a dive, a few strokes and then up and sit and dry together on the big flat stone next to the lake. Both Ove the dog and I badlyContinue reading “Demolition butt on its’ way!”

Sunday please don’t end!

Oh hello! Me again. You know when you spend 1,5 hour planning the LCHF food plan of what to eat the next 14 days and create a super long shopping list and lose the list on the way to the shop. Plain stupid. I blame it on my chilled summer brain! This Sunday has beenContinue reading “Sunday please don’t end!”

Kool kids in harmony.

Saturday and summer and sunny! Finding my peace being home in Nacka after weeks of travelling, partying and fun times. I put on a bit of kilos (2,5) as a result of all the joy! But back in the saddle now and looking forward to 4 weeks of strictisism and less sugar again. Even emailedContinue reading “Kool kids in harmony.”