A Swedish midget called Jeff, a blonde wig and loads of moustaches! London baby!

I have then again landed in my sofa after four fabulous days in London. Well, in Chiswick, Kingston and Sunbury to be precise. I cannot believe it has been 8 years since I packed my ten moving boxes with belongings and left Chiswick to move up to Stockholm. I spent quite some catch up time in my old neigborhoods in Chiswick and I realise how much I miss it. It is so lovely there. And the people are just so much more open and smiley compared to here in Sweden.

I was staying three nights at my lovely Danish M’s house. She lives in a maisonette in Chiswick with her two dogs Thor and Maddie. We worked together back when at Viasat’s office but we never really hung out like this. She being single as well there was a lot of talking about men, dreams, fashion and dogs. Thank you so much M for having me!

ImageViews from Chiswick High Road. Getting nostalgic and all Londonish and emotional. Eight years ago I walked around on the same streets in a state of stress, desperation and being rather unhealthy and a tad uncertain of what to do with myself. I think living there now and feeling better in myself would provide a total different experience. If only there were beaches!


Bus off to Hammersmith and lovely redstones.


Snapshot of beautiful bathroom floor in the Brasserie High Road.


Bought lots of pressies for my nieces and nephew. This cup however, is all MINE!

The main event for my visit took place on Saturday in The Bishop out of Residence in Kingston. It was a great night and the hosts P&P with all of us friends made the pub shake. The theme for the night was facial hair and I must say nearly all were wearing moustasches/beards/wigs and the British do like their dressing up. We had everyone from Sherlock Holmes to Freddie Mercury to the builder man in YMCA jumping around. I truly enjoyed meeting lots of new people there as well as catching up with nice friends from before. In fact I had so much fun I did NOT want the party to end. And one of the real high lights of that night took place in the cab ride from the pub to the after party in a hotel. In the front, next to the driver, sat a loud Northener in a blond mullet wig, porn star beard and aviator shades on. He will go under the name GL (goldi locks) for now. Linn, Chris and I were mad hatters in the back laughing hysterically at GL even the cab driver was crying laughing.  GL and I connected and I don’t know why but he started to call me Jeff – the Swedish midget. I think you had to be there to appreciate it in all its’ charm and preferably not 100% sober. But I still smile thinking of the last hours of that party. I was hungry hunting for pizza (yes!!!) and trying to get more contact with GL. It turned out he was real busy getting pizza. And when I was leaving to go back to Sunbury and the hotel I was staying at we said our goodbyes. I fell asleep starving and very curious of my new friend GL. Waking up still starving and way too early for that late night out I still was smiling thinking about Jeff the Swedish midget and GL


Careful smiles or the tashes are off!


M and I getting ready to celebrate two 40 year old beauties!


Would say that brunettes and blondes have just as much fun!


Birthday girl P and my generous house mate M looking glorious!


New friend GL, a blonde wig and wonderful Linn and Chris at the after party.


I would recommend The Flower Pot Hotel to everyone. Just by the river and all in all super lovely. Close to Hampton Court and Kingston. Not to mention close to P&Ps house.

ImageOn the Sunday it was a day of detox in the sun with a nice breeze around me.


And a tiny bit of retail therapy. With a stolen bank card (it happened in Hammersmith). Actually I am not sure how it disappeared, I think I forgot it in a shop but it was gone when I rushed back to look for it. I survived the weekend with the corporate Eurocard. Note to self: do not forget that bill comes on the 15th of August.

I am so grateful for my former life in England where it got me and for the friends I got to know back when and for them still being in my life. I am happy to say that I have gotten to know new friends and one in particular. New adventures ahead! With or without wigs and moustasches.

Have a lovely evening and to the Bizills I say thank you and again happy 80Th! Love you guys!

Tata for now all you loveys out there!

Jeff the Swedish Midget

I was kind of waiting for this tune all night, and I did feel lucky. But not THAT kind of lucky.

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