This bird is bird crazy.

A warning to sensitive readers: blog post contains a picture of death.

Many of you that know me also know that I am a sucker for little birds. I love them in paintings, details in interior design, textile and jewellery, and live outside my window in the big oak tree. My absolute favourite is the little Blue tit that you don’t see so often anymore. To me they are magical. Yesterday when I was out lunch walking with my friend M we found a little baby Blue tit on the pavement. A bit injured and dizzy and so so tiny. I panicked! What to do? Do you call someone? Do they have bird rescue in the city? There was no grass, no trees around and no bird mamma looking for its’ lost son. Only loud traffic and lots of stressed people marching about.

I decided to move it away from the scene of the accident (or whatever we should call it). We didn’t have any paper or anyhing to lift it up with so I used my white Marc Jacobs sunglasses pouch to lift it up in. It squeeked a little when I lifted it up and I was tearing up. All I wanted to do was to take it with me and feed it worms and sun flower seeds. M insisted that I should NOT do that. It resulted in that we hid it away a bit safer up on a nearby street where it was more quiet and less traffic. The little bird was so scared it shit in my hand. A tiny shit. A tiny blue tit shit. On the way back from our walk, 20 minutes later, he was gone! I tell my self that he got encouraged or so scared of me that he flew away to a safe place filled with friends and other blue tits and good snacks.

Image Hope you are safe little friend. Nevermind the poop, and I have washed my MJ pouch.


I found this one in Chiswick outside the Viasat office. Too late to do anything here. You can’t really see it but it looked like she was smiling lying there. Maybe a flying under influence accident type of thing. She wasn’t all sober drifting away.

ImageI found bird bingo in a shop. Wanna play? Could be something for next spring on



And bird espresso cups, that I did not buy.

ImageThis top I did however buy. I found it in a pub in Chiswick where some young women live in order to keep occupants away as the council is going to close and tear it down. The girls look after the place and sell vintage stuff outside on the sidewalk. 5 quid and big birds! Ove the dog is as always startled by my choice in clothing.


ImageMy own pair of bird sneakers! Start-as-France is a brand with a fascinating history and nice ideology of retailing and product thinking. Also stylish and not too expensive. I got these from France and they are absolutely adorable. The bow comes off as well if you get tired of the cuteness.

Just got off the skype after another good chat my new friend GL. My cheeks are getting all big because of the grinning non stop when chatting. Good news! Goldi locks is coming to town and we will be doing only fun stuff. Like; the Abba museum, Gröna Lund, eating burgers, and laugh until we cry. And maybe rescue little birds. Good times peeps! And to GL, you are so very welcome to Stockholm and to my neck of the woods. Let the adventure begin!


Tata for now lovedoveys!


Ulrika the birdwatcher/rescuer

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