Kool kids in harmony.

Saturday and summer and sunny! Finding my peace being home in Nacka after weeks of travelling, partying and fun times. I put on a bit of kilos (2,5) as a result of all the joy! But back in the saddle now and looking forward to 4 weeks of strictisism and less sugar again. Even emailed my PT for some time in the gym. I need that tall blonde to whip my big ass as well as squatting deeper.

Today I have spent a few hours by the lake with BFF A and her adorable blond boy. Had a swim and filled her in on all that happened in my life the past weeks. Everything from beaches in France to Goldi Locks in England. Tonight we are having dinner at hers. I am so happy having my oldest best friend living just 300 meters away. Quality!

A bit of wine and giggles on the balcony. Cannot wait. A lot of things to look forward to right now! Summer days, trip to my family in Malmö, Goldi lock’s visit and fun times with close friends.


Cool kid by the lake! Little V is game.


Emailed my ex yesterday reminding him that it was a year ago we did the Vansbrosimningen together. I am still proud over having done that and even though it was 12 months ago It doesn’t feel that far off. So many things have happened and changed since then. For the both of us. I still have the suit and I might get out there again. But right now a dotty bikini will do.

Time for a perfect cat nap with Ove the dog before freshing up and going for dinner at Anna’s.

I love this summer! Feeling chilled and energetic at the same time. Is this what they call harmony?

This tune fits perfectly right now. Old but wonderful;

Tomorrow there will be more sunbathing and chilling and training.

Wishing you a perfect Saturday!


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