Demolition butt on its’ way!

Super hot hot! Just got back from an evening swim in the lake with Ove the dog. Ok, not so much of a swim, more of a dive, a few strokes and then up and sit and dry together on the big flat stone next to the lake. Both Ove the dog and I badly needed it after a hot day at work in the city and Ove’s daily runs out in the forests with his dog nursery

I am now back in good health routines regarding food and training again. And it feels super! The only thing I must now focus on is getting more sleep. I am just full of energy at the moment and feel like a wwaabbit fiddling about her nest. Today I started the real hard workout with my PT Fanny Åström again and it was a bit more than 3 months ago since she last whipped my ass. Jesus, I have never been so close to throwing up training. It was releasing and even though it was clearly that I lost strength and stamina I really did well. My body is going to be so so sore tomorrow. But, no rest for the wicked, I am doing boxing with lovely Chilean Jackie tomorrow evening back from work! Wop wop – bring on the endorphines and muscles!

Yesterday on Skype I spoke with Goldi Locks about all and nothing. Sad and happy all entertwined in a big harray. On the not so serious note I explained to him that I have a very big butt and that it is a really strong butt. We decided that my butt would be perfect for tearing down walls and houses in a demolition squad. Just waiting for Ty Pennington to give me a buzz to appear on the Extreme Makeover – Home Edition! All has a purpose even a genetically large rear. Especially a strong one.

I am filled up from all the good stuff I ate today and also totally in love with the two gifts I got from my friend M in the office. Bliss!

ImageThe cutest presents from lovely M in the office. Mint green clutch in suede and nice smelling hair oil (chocolate!!!).I am a lucky woman and grateful.


Mama is back! Meatballs for dinner. LCHF friendly of course.


Boil cauli flower in veggie fond. Mash it with cream and parmesan cheese in a mixer and a dash of cream. Back on the stove with a dollop of butter and you have the perfect mash to your meatballs. Slurp!

ImageÁ la table – dinner is served!


Working on the moves!


Strong butt since day one! Can also be used crushing cute little brothers. Noone in the picture was injured – physically anyway.

Here’s to summer days! Rain come shine. Holidays or stuck in the office. Make it count 🙂 whatever it is you find worth counting.

Laters gaters!

Your own personal big butted Todoortodont at your service.

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