White nights – sugar free, again!

Have had an on and off relationship with LCHF ever since I got back from France and I haven’t been strict enough. Since Saturday I am walking the talk and today is day 6 of super strictness and my body is again feeling stronger and less bloated. Yesterday and the day before I had severe cravings and monkey brain was close to taking over. However, did NOT! I have been very good in the gym and it feels good getting back in balance and I have been using my personal trainer Fanny at World Class again to whip my ass and she is brilliant in pushing me so that I do that little extra.  All I need to do now is to stick with the good food plan and not overindulge. Sugar is NO GO!

I found an ice cream that is pretty decent and all Stevia sweetened. The flavour and texture was a bit, well, not super rich, but it was a nice treat today in the office after super hard work out. I have been food planning much better and have all stuff home for the next week or so. The upcoming challenges are: being home alone in the weekend (without dog) and having no specific plans could get the sugar rush going. Will however, train a lot and ignore sugar monster. Going away to Skåne to spend a week with my family can be a challenge, plus no gym there so training is less intense. Will focus on good food, not too much alcohol and go out for jogs and long walks. I will focus though and really boost myself. Sugar is shit for me and it is so not worth it. I know it is easy to talk and I have to take one day at a time. But I am tired of loosing and gaining, loosing and gaining. Looking at the greater picture of my weight loss I am still very proud over my achievements in the past, but, it is now that counts.

blogg18juli1Stevia sweetened ice cream for an LCHF:er! Coconut, chocolat coconut flakes……

blogg18juliNot super impressed but – it is better than going for the real deal right now.


Made a beautiful and very simple Bouillabaise for dinner last night. It was lovely and the best thing is, I am having it tonight again!

blogg18juli2TBT – this is me in the looooong hair and 10 kilos heavier in 2011. Chunkier cheeks.

OH – and, I got HBO Nordic now so got GIRLS on all the time! Watched seasons 1 – 2 back to back, and will do that again, shortly…

OH LAND – is the name of this Danish artist performing White Nights. And White Nights is surely what I am having at the moment, and white days in this land of no sugar. Keep it up – I tell myself!

Wishing you a lovely Thursday evening! Again, thank you guys for stopping by and reading! It is amazing how many people that actually do read or look or click into the world of  the Todoortodont. I am a tad surprised but not less grateful that readers from all over the world are taking their time to get an insight in this Swedish, sugar addicted, short legged ,big assed, brunette’s life and whereabouts. I will keep on writing if you keep on reading.

See ya loveys!


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