300 periods later and still surprised.

I am 38 in a couple of weeks and still I am as surprised and chocked over my volcano like mood swings when getting the period. I should know by now, 25 years down the line and around about 300 periods later. There is a frustrated teenager with a dragon like temper living in me a couple of days a month, and still, each time it gets to me and I surprise myself. Today was a real mad f*****g shit day, also suffering from severe hungover paranoia and my thoughts have been all over the place. Tears have been rolling and I have been questionning the higher power (whatever that is) on what the f*** is going on? Now, released and a bit calmer the teenager from hell is sleeping and I feel almost normal, almost.

On a positive note, the hungover paranoia was all a sign of a fantastic evening with my old colleague and friend Annika and her family. Adorable two daughters, nice man and a friend of his. We had a gorgeous LCHF-meal and loads of red wine. We ended up wearing wigs at 2 am in the morning for no apparent reason. Shortly after that I decided to pass out on their sofa and do the walk of shame this morning back home to Nacka. Shades on and wine breathe disquised by not opening the mouth one millimeter before arriving safely home.

ImageWe are all as pretty when wigging it.

On another positive note. I am sticking with the diet and being very good and I am getting a sore elbow from patting myself on the back! Today was a big challenge and monkey brain influenced by crazy period brain wanted nothing more than popcorn and ice cream for dinner. NO! NO! NO! I made my cauliflower mash and served that with lamb sausages and it was a perfect hungover food as well. And I trained and I swam (swum?swammed?) and I am feeling better just thinking about what a good LCHF:er I’ve been for over a week now.


Roller coaster ride in my head and in my heart by the lake. But, all hormones and soon I will be back to my calm, collective and perfect self.

Tomorrow is Monday and I am looking forward to focusing at work and seeing my lovely M again. This week will be loads of fun training and preparing stuff for my Skåne trip. Come on hormones from below, get on the happy train and feel the joy. It is happening!

Wishing you a sane Sunday evening without tantrums! Toodeloo lovey!

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