Penguin walk and the longing for stars.

This Monday was a fine Monday. Back in the office, still very quiet, 80% of my colleauges being of on their summer holidays. The good thing is, I get like loooooots done in a short amount of time. M was home working as se felt a bit poorly and biked to her during lunch eating my lunch with her on her terrace.

I loved my outfit today (no selfie, and now I am in my pj’s so too late for that).  It was like knee length  full skirt in leopard pattern that is pretty tight in the waste, my white blouse I got in London and my new birdie shoes. I felt really nice in it, until I came outside and the wind was going nuts. Flashing my 32 cellulites and shit I don’t want the world to see trying to look cool and dashing strutting around. Anyway, I ended up walking with very fast, small steps with my arms glued to the side of the fabric. This is called the penguin walk…however, I worked on my new mantra which is, a direct Hanna quote from GIRLS:

ImageIf I did however, offend anyone today with my a bit too short skirt (only when the wind is blowing). I guess I am sorry.

So so so excited! In a week I will be down in Skåne spending time with my lovely parents again and hanging with my nieces and nephew and meet old friends. I am longing for my three stars! They shine brighter than the sun.

ImageLittle prince G is all game!


Hello tinnitus! Miss M loud is in da house.



Little lady E with the blue eyes.


ImageImageImageCuteness in the shape of two nieces. You rock my world girls!


Grateful :). 7 days left!

Ok, now time for my daily dose of the Kardashians, my guilty pleasure. My body feels good after another good workout and continuos bike rides. I am on the up!

That’s a wrap loveys – until next time. Penguin has got to go!





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