Thank you for the music!

Two weeks of blog absence and total silence is due to travelling and lack of internet at home. I spent last week in Skåne meeting my fine family and some very good old friends. The weather was so and so but the last day was spent on the beach and many dips were taken in the salty west coast water in Malmö. We had a fine crayfish party and my god mother who I haven’t met for 20 yrs visited and many memories and laughs were shared. Time flies when you are having fun and I had a big visit to come home and prepare for.


ImageNew friends going for rides in Folkets Park, Malmö. Creating sweet summer memories.

ImageBlue is all I see.

Butterflied and nervous but excited I greeted  my new friend, the British Northener, with smiles and hugs in Arlanda’s Terminal 5. It was straight home and then off for adventures. Abba the Museum was first on the agenda. I have never been the biggest ABBA fan but this museum had an exhibition extra ordinaire and the interactive feel to it made us sing, dance and laugh. On Tuesday we took the train up to Gävle to see the Westelius’ and the Bizzills haveing a crayfish party. All good fun and a bit of hung over crazy golf the day after then back off to Stockholm and a The Shout out Louds’ gig at Trädgården. This fantastic club/bar/restaurant/hang out under a big bridge al fresco had a magic feel to it. We stayed late and it was a night to remember for a life time. Four days together with laughs having my jaw in a lock, honest talks and chats getting to know a very special man who will be forever a good friend. He is one of a kind and we truly connected. The butterflies are still flying around and now with a bit of a bitter sweet twang. Parting is such sweet sorrow and when it stings it reminds me of all the joy that was expereicenced the 5th – 8th August, 2013. We will definately meet again.


Someone is a lucky and a VERY soft skinned girl. Six!!! bottles of Palmer’s cocoa butter. My own pimm’s, pretty new bracelet a beautiful necklace from urbantwist and not to mention the blue tit birthday card. All from the Northener with freckles.



Buses in Sweden are hilarious – off to Abba!

Getting into the Abba swing of things. The mental face is all my own!


Turk smurf posing it.


At Trädgården in the spotlights.

Photograph taken by @therealbobbyflash. “The church of the excited generation…” .

I have slept too little, been over consuming white wine and today my system crashed down and throat is swollen and am getting a fever. Tomorrow is my birthday and I was going to spend it preparing a birthday picnic with a few friends on Saturday. If this cold holds it grip picnic will be cancelled :(. So must now go to sleep quicker than quick and sleep myself well.

I will finish this 37th off with dreaming of more adventures, dancing queens and kings and freckles! Thank you for the music and for reading!


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