Birthday in bed.

This was the most quiet birthday I ever experienced. It was spent in pjs under the covers sweating a nasty fever out. A part from 3 small dog walks I did not move. I am feeling better this evening but will be spending my weekend in peace and quiet and planning for work on Monday. I have been celebrated via social media and text messages and phone calls. Thanks all friends and family for lovely wishes!

Yes, summer holidays are officially over and it is time for energy to be on top and get motivated for work again. I am not feeling it yet but it will get there. Also my constant failing of staying away from temptations and giving me some extra kilos should be sorted.

I am grateful for so many things in my life. But the food thing is my big monster to tackle. Painting me black with anxiety and giving me so much joy at the same time. It is a constant battle and I need a kick start to find balance again. I also am giving myself a money challenge for the next couple of months. It will be tight, but I need to prove myself right and stop over consuming. I have got more than enough.

Grateful and tired. And see, got what I wanted, my very own UP band!

Hello year 38! Let’s do this. Love to all you readers out there. Known as well as unknown, thank you for still reading!


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