Guardian angels, traffic assault and everyday magic.

You know when you’re inner city cycling on your way to work on busy streets? Cycle lanes packed with eager, somewhat uncautious bikers. Then on streets sharing space with big buses and traffic jammed lanes crossing through carefully. You know when you end up in the dead spot and are like 2 mm away from being crushed by big blue inner city bus? That feeling after NOT being hit and continue getting to work in one piece. That is a GOOD FEELING.

I do love cycling, and cycling to and from work is a luxury for me. 60 minutes free exercise and a sense of freedom is a joy. It wakes me up, it cools me down and gives me a sweat all at the same time. However, the traffic and the crazy actions from some other cyclists in inner city Stockholm is like a freak show at times. Today I stopped, for a read light on Birger Jarlsgatan. And a twat of a man, 50 plus, on his bike behind almost crashed into me because he was NOT to stop for red. He shouted, “Move it!”. And I was like: “What?, nope, it is red, I am NOT moving”. He then “gently” nudged me so I had to move away from the lane. I was startled and exploded at him. When I got green lights I went for it and passed the idiot and shouted just that and some other not very flattering comments about his lack of hair going by. Some people should not be riding bikes in rush hour inner city traffic unless they know basic traffic rules (the idiot). Others should not shout nasty shit to the idiot scaring other bikers at the same time (me). I cooled down quickly though and continued my rush home. The rain came down like crazy and I was soaked in my t-shirt and all of me was dripping. But, the sky was magical and there was a full double rainbow colouring the entire Stockholm. It was a breath taking moment and I got off my bike by the castle and tried to get some shots of it. I even made two wishes and took a deep breath and then went back on my ride. The rainbows followed me all the way home and so did the rain.


Nationalmuseet in all its glory and then some.

Day 2 of my 30 day detox is a success and I have had another day of lovely food and allready feeling less bloated. The breakfast I first thought a big fat NO! Turns out though that avocado, banana, lemon, coconut flakes and hazel nuts all mashed into a smooth cream is delish!


ImageHulk food for cave woman! Sweetness.

ImageSunday roast on a Tuesday! Pork, bacon, herbs, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic. Served with green sallad and roasted broccoli and. Bon appetit!

Now I need to focus on double episodes of Project Runway season 11. And then hoping to hear a bit from the fine Northener before sleeping. Have a lovely night ya’all and wear a helmet while biking and, always, stop for red.


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