Piggy piggy.

Ohoy! Still shaking a bit after hard training in the gym this evening. The gym I go to close to home is having some serious problem with the ventilation. First I did Zumba and then Core and I was sweating and sliding on the mat when standing in plank. Could NOT breathe! 

Day 3 of Whole3 is now done and I have been a very good “Paleoan” so far. I am determined I will kick ass and this detox is a MUST. My BFF A was in the gym with her PT at the same time as me. She had her kids in the creche having fun playing while we were having fun sweating it out. When picking the kids up, little E 7 yr old, had done a picture that she gave me. A big pig with a big heart. KIds and drunks, never tell a lie.

Planning a few foodie things now. Will make my own almond milk to use for gorgeous acai smoothies filled with goodness to slurp for post or pre gym.

Image A love pig.



Beautiful breakfast. Blueberries, coconut flakes and a spoon of wonderful trailmix. A plate of eggs and this Wednesday will be kicking.

ImageTrailmix is full of goodness. Lots of energy. A table spoon for breakfast over fruit or berries was real nice.


Dinner for day 3. A whole lot of chicken breast with stir fried veggies and a spicy salsa on the side.





The Stockholm air is feeling chillier and sweats on. Loving my bracelet from the Nortener so much.

Now, food planning, dog cuddles and and an early night. Need more sleep! Detox and stuff is giving me the butterflies and I am just feeling very up at the moment. VERY UP!

Sweet dreams!


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