Get out of your comfort zone! That is where the magic happens.

Day 4 completed of my whole30 challenge and today I trained and pushed myself REAL hard. I was 300 miles out of my comfort zone and I have still a taste of blood in my mouth. Clumsy, heavy and knackered! However, it will be lighter and everytime I do it will make me stronger. I trained cross fit and the first 30 minutes was something called Pyramid with focus on chest, shoulders and arms. I don’t know how many dips or push ups were done through the first 30 minutes but I tell you, typing this is painful. After that, 30 minutes of cross fit with burpees, froggers, weird stuff doing with the bar, planks, balancing movements. I did it! After gym I was on my bike home and the normally 30 minutes long ride took 7 minutes longer due to exhaustion. I quickly made myself my dinner which was poached salmon with prawns and guacamole and veggies.


blogg15aug3Power pyramid. Work it at World Class!

blogg15aug2People moving outside their comfort zones get to see magic. I am loving this room with “toys” in my gym at Nybroplan.

blogg15aug1Pumping myself up waking the warrior in me before work out.

The rest of day 4 will be water, a bit of evening work and sleep. Tomorrow I am looking forward to omelette for breakfast, left overs for lunch and burgers for dinner. The paleoan way of course. Have a lovely Thursday evening and get uncomfy will ya!

Queen B runs my world.

Giddyup and shake it!


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