I am proud to present to you; Ulrika Collvin -2,2 kilos in 7 days and not one millimeter of cheating. Soon only 22 days left!

Whole30 experts say that week 2 is a real bitch and I have a few rough days ahead of me. But, I am up for the challenge and I will stare the sugar, dairy, wheat abstinence straight into its’ eye and spit it in the face. Yes, kicking it! So far I have felt just fine being strict and the most painful thing so far is all the planning and learning all the rules. But I am dedicated and this and good training is my main focus for the time being. I am now, day 8, feeling happier, stronger, more awake, less bloated and more healthy that I have in a long while.

I had a real good start this Monday. Up at 05.30, fixed myself a pre work out smoothie with: almond milk, frozen pine apple, berries and some acai/spirulina. NOMNOMNOM! Then cycling my 12 k as fast as I could (without getting slashed in traffic) to my gym in town, World Class Vasastan. Warmed up and sweaty I worked on my upper body. Chest, back and shoulders and some abs stuff. I met lovely Amanda E there who is a brilliant instructor for World Class and who is also on Whole30 at the moment. Check out her blog here!

Anyway, happy, sweaty and sunny Monday felt like Friday and work flew away during meetings. Tomorrow pappa B is coming to town staying for a few days so it is time to do some proper cleaning.


Ove the dog wants to take part in this post as well. He went running intervals with me on Sunday around Saltsjö-Duvnäs so he surely deserves a bit of blog spotlight!

Image200 grams peeled almonds, 2 cups of fresh cold water and some vanilla. Put it in the mixer and poor it all through a coffe filter and voilá, you got your own fresh almond milk. Pure natural and less expensive. Perfect smoothie base or just a bit in your coffee.


My detox playlist on Spotify. This is for my treadmill and cross trainer work outs. Good music makes the heaviest steps a bit lighter.

Sunshine to you this Monday and love for the rest of the week! Keep tuned in, this week I will be kickin’ it (not to mention pay day Friday, thank you lord, I need more cash to by grass fed beef!!!)

Tata for now loveys!


P.S If you still haven’t, get onto Instagram and follow me: Meatbucket. There is only one.

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