Big pappa bear is in the house.

You can never be too old of a daughter to enjoy when your father comes and pick you up after school…eerrhhh…work. Pappa B is here on business for few days in Stockholm and staying at mine and that often includes private driver and wine and food. This time we are skipping the wine and he will enjoy my paleo menu.

Actually we had a fantastic fish soup that he truly enjoyed! 10 minutes later he is sleeping on the sofa. Is that a compliment? I’ll let him be for now and wake him up when he is off to bed. He will be in my bed and I will sleep in my closet.


Started off this Tuesday, day 9 with a great pineapple and avocado mash. Nuts and sun flower seeds, coconut flakes on top and apple to dip.

ImageFound a fruit that looked like me today. Tasted delicious.


Fridge full of goodies. For rabbits and cave women.


ImageSnore. So who am helping me carrying him into bed? Anyone?

So, still feeling strong in my detox and being firm and strict but today I have been tired after having a bit of an honest chat with the Northener and not sleeping enough. So really, nothing more to add than off to bed and looking forward to a few more hourse of sleep tonight.

TTYL lovedoveys!

Ulrika – baby bear

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