Cabbage day.

I overdosed in cabbage this day 10 of my Whole30 Paleo challenge. My belly stands out looking like I am 8 months pregnant. I made a great Asian style salad for dinner and my dad made a Paleo friendy Swedish “kålpudding” – sort of like lasagne – if you remove pasta, tomatoes and cheese sauce – and add white cabbage and lots of beef mixed with eggs and wonderful spices. Tastes much better than what it sounds and looks like.


A perfect Asian crunch fest! And it goes like: finely slice white and red cabbage, green apple and lots of spring onions. Mix together in a generous bowl. Add cucumber and tomatoes if desired. Make a dressing out of olive oil, fresh ginger, lots of chili, cilantro and squeezed lime. Pour over the vegetables and stir. Leave it to “marinate” and grill chicken breast. Serve the salad with lots of chicken, some chopped nuts and fresh cilantro on top. G.O.R.G.E!



When I was away doing my evening training, my dad made this lovely “kålpudding”. About 120 portions now in the freezer!


Have you been a cabbage parent? I was! Growing up in the 80’s this doll was the must have when I was around 8. One Easter I got my own treasured Cabbage Patch Kid. Her name was Matilda and I cried of joy when I opened the box she came in. If I got a doll looking like that today there would be tears of fear.

Anyway. Day 10 is now over and done with and it was a very good day. However, I really need some good sleep. Getting some red stuff in my eyes, starting to look like a Marilyn Manson wannabe and I don’t know if it is an infection or just like tired eyes stuff. My dad is in the sofa right now watching the Swedish Idol screaming angrily at the judges or the bad singers to shut the f*** up. My dad is a sweet man and rarely angry. He talks to people everywhere he goes and I would say he is a jolly old bloke. But, just like some people that get derranged and twisted driving a car. He, in a similar way, gets his bad temper out watching TV. I keep telling him they can’t hear him shouting but … he keeps on ranting. NEXT!

Taking my swollen cabbage belly to bed now! Coming back for more soon.


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