Rainbow coloured food and day14!

This weekend of goodness is close to over and I have had a lovely time. The sun has been out giving Stockholm fresh mornings and hot weather during day time. Since I last wrote I have trained, eaten well (still keeping the plan) and had some of my favourite ladies over for dinner. I gave them a paleo dinner that knocked them out and it was so so so close I took wine to the meal. But – DID NOT! So happy about that. Keeping clean and so far lost 3 kilos. Tomorrow going in on week 3 and it feels great.

I did a mastodont work out on Thursday. There are so many new classes in the gym and I had to try some of the dance classes and the new instructors. AFHO is a dance class with a mix of tribal African moves with proper house dancing. My god! It was right up my alley. Will try and do that class once a week, along with running, cross fit ( my worst enemy) and heavy weights and a bit of spinning. I did not plan a workout today but I felt lazy in the sofa so I went and did 5 k in 30 minutes which I am happy with. And then 20 k on bike, sweating away. I am mixing the training I love (dance classes and weights) with things I do not love (yet), cross fit and running. Need to move outside that famous zone. Here is my workout plan for the week coming up:


60 minutes cycling to and from work

45 minutes upper body weights

60 minutes Body Jam (dance class)


60 minutes cycling to and from work


60 minutes cycling to and from work

60 minutes weights, legs, ass and abs


60 minutes cycling to and from work

45 minutes AFHO (dance class)

30 minutes cross fit

Friday – rest


45 minutes upper body weights

45 minutes Running  intervals. Starting to up the running.


45 minutes weights legs, butt, abs

45 minutes AFHO

ImagePower salad to go with the pork roastie. My dinner guests enjoyed it as much as I did. I have found the most delicious mango vinaigre that goes perfectly to all salads.

ImageLook – I “baked”! (I haven’t baked since my ex turned 30 and that was 6 years ago). Well, not so much baking as mixing stuff together. I mixed coconut oil and finely chopped high quality dark chocolate with vanilla essence and warm coconut milk. Put it in the fridge for 4 hours and created this balls rolled in roasted coconut flakes and sugar free cacao.

ImageFor dessert we had this melon explosion with berries and a bit of orange. Fresh, sweet and delicious!

ImageThis is a typical sight at mine. I am having an evening snack and Ove the dog is showing off is grumpy food envy face. He loves melon, and yes there was left for him as well.

ImageLoving this Marc Jacobs necklace I got from my beautiful friend M. Boxing gloves. Keep fighting and do not give up. From BFF A I got a voucher for 60 minutes Thai massage that I will book when I am detoxed. Cannot wait!

I am thinking extra much of the Northener today. He knows why and all I can say is it will get better. First worse, but then better. I promise.

Now off to bed watching a glorious new series on HBO called The White Queen. I recommend it. Tomorrow busy busy! Working, and then working out. Looks like we are going to Malta for a kick of around the 20th of September, so fun! Meeting brand new colleagues from the new company we acquired and also sitting down with the team to discuss autumn and strategies.

I am dead proud over my paleo journey so far. So many new things to learn but I love it. The food feels so good and healthy and it is beautiful. I am turning into a paleo food junkie.

Bye for now readers, old and new! I wish you a lovely Sunday and a great start of next week.



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