Slow food and sweaty moves.

The new autumn schedule in my local gym is full on and there are some new instructors for the dance classes that are so inspiring. Body Jam and AFHO (afro house) with Vladimir Bogodist is great and I will be attending as many of his classes that I can do. He is a great dancer and instructor and he really sees the attendants and get us to feel comfortable spinning, hip swaying and shaking. So looking forward to Thursdays AFHO with Vladimir and Mia.

ImageWorld Class Nacka launches AFHO – hope it spreads!

ImageGetting my dance face on ready for Vladimir and sweaty dance pants.

The whole30 detox is still working very well for me and I have continued my strict journey. And, now, I am upping the ante and I bought myself a CrockPot slow cooker to make perfect meat, chicken and fish, not even standing in my kitchen. Got it on sale in the UK and free delivery within 7 days. Slow cooking here I come. Cannot wait to make my first pulled pork.


Get crocking in the kitchen!


Feeling fine in my grand mother’s old silk jacket and red lips on. Just like that.

By the way. Autumn is around the corner and the shops are filled with beautiful new clothes and accessoires that I would love to spend money on. But, no! I am on a shopping detox as well. No NEW stuff right now. I feel a little bit empty not buying any new clothes to kick off this autumn 2013. Lately I have been getting a habit of spoiling myself and overindulgeing. I have made a strict budget and I will follow it as closely as possible. Right now the money is spent on expensive high quality foods and cook books. Oh yeah, I got the Paleomg by Julie Bauer that is filled great recipes to keep me company in my kitchen.

Ok here’s for day 16 of detox and 14 to go! I am in it and still learning. I have not had any relapses. I am enjoying the colourful healthy food and it feels good, inside and out. I am satisfied and a bit blown away actually. Now, Project Runway!

Toodeloo and kisses from a less bloated and a happy dancer that is me.


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