A girl and her fritatas and pancakes and milk shakes…and melons!

Ok so guess what! Havent dropped a gram in weight since weigh in Monday. I want to drop quicker but I feel it in my body that I am loosing more mass than what the scales show. Muscles are coming and I feel the weight loss more and more in clothes fitting better than during summer. So even if I would stand still for a week and having done everything to the dot I will be happy.

I am still in love with Paleo and whole30 is now only whole12 days left! After that….I don’t know…well yes I do. I will continue a strict regime until reach below 70 kilos on the scales. I am enjoying this food so much and it makes me stronger and more positive. I am inspired by other paleo eaters and enthusiasts. Instagram, Facebook and the blog world are full of them. My three favourite inspirations right now are:

nomnompaleo  – A hard working mum, Michelle Tam, living in San Fransisco. She is so dedicated and gives great hands on advice and a sweet iPad app to buy for lots of recipies and full menus. She is also publishing her first cook book within shortly.

paleoomg – Truly inspiring and super funny Juli Bauer. A single, cross fit fantastic young woman sharing her ups and downs and very good recipies on her blog and in her book.

My new Roots – I just discovered this beautiful blog/web site by a Canadian chef living and working in Copenhagen. This food leans towards the raw food kitchen and not all strict paleo. But just look at this milkshake and get inspired by the fantastic photographs and colours. Yes – having that milkshake for breakfast on Sunday!

I am soon diving into finding good restaurants that are more paleo friendly. I am lucky to have Eat Ekoaffären just 1 minute from my office where I get much of my veg and fruit. This is a lifestyle and a new (but old still) way of eating and cooking and look at food and what you put in your system. Still a lot to learn but I am enjoying every bit of it. Love feeling “clean”.


ImageMonkey pancakes: 2 eggs and 1 banana mixed together. In the pan with coco nut oil and served with some berries is a very good way to start a day.


I am having crazy days at work but my training and good food keeps my energy up. Today I longed home for this fritata with salsiccia, thyme, tons of eggs and chanterelles from a nearby forest.

ImageFavourite snack right now: melon!

Anyway. Work is under control. I am taking care of business and a few stressful days are soon over and I can start breathing properly again. Tonight I again had so much fun training AFHO with Vladimir Bogodist and Mia Åström at World Class. What a team! Longing for next sessions on Sunday. So much dancing and sweating and laughing! If you are in Stockholm on Saturday they have a open house at World Class Nacka and you can come and try the Afro House class out for free. Check it out!

Ok out with Ove the dog for his evening toilet run. Then a bit of a chat with the Northener. It will be a lovely release after this craaazzzy Thursday. In less than 3 weeks he is hiking up the Kilimanjaro for a local charity. And, it is an inspiration that I need to pass on. If you would like to know more about why he is challenging a mountain and would like to support the cause  read here!

So there. Blog post over and out! Eat clean and train mean! Lots of love you guys.

Ulrika, who is figuring stuff out.



This was me today times 10.

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