Tears and quick fixes.

I am having problems seeing what I am writing due to the water works running down my cheeks. I am watching the British series Long Lost Family where members of families that have been apart most of their lives due to different reasons get help to be reunited with loved ones. BOOOBOOOBOOOO! It is absolutely moving!

I have not been the best blogger the last days but I have been busy doing stuff and seeing people. If you did however miss me posting pictures of paleo (mainly) food and the occasional selfie here comes a batch from the last weekend of August 2013:

ImageA very pink baby shower luncheon at M’s. My first ever baby shower! In Sweden it is not very common with baby showers.


A bunch of sweets in a sofa! Everyone looks in the camera, well almost.


Sugar and wheat all whipped up and transformed into lovely cup cakes. I had NONE! But they sure are pretty.

ImageThe paleo plate was my addition to the party.


More paleo goodies for everyone!


After the baby shower more party at BFF A’s new flat! The force is with you A! Rock on.



Avocado, almond butter, apple, cuccumber and crackers. This is my quick fix Sunday dinner after 2 hours in the gym. I had planned to cook artichokes and salsiccia but my body needed something fast and easy and gorgeous. I did intervals on the treadmill, rowing, cx worx and the AFHO with fantastic Vladimir. Body is shaking!





Gorgeous crispy crackers from Renée Voltaire! Perfect with anything really.



Found this blouse in my closet on Friday. Got it in London in May at bargain house Primark Oxford street. 5 pounds!

Talking about my closet. I got up this morning to find that my entire shelf system in my walk in closet had collapsed and it was a MESS! Obviously I had a very deep sleep this night since I didn’t hear the crash. I was in such a chock I even forgot to take a picture and document the mess. I think I got it all right and all shelves are back up and fixated (sort of).

Now. Drying my tears up. Feeling extra thankful for my family even though we don’t see each other that often they are very present in my life and in my heart.

And oh, day21 now done! Time flies! Going onto week 4 of whole30 and it still feels very very good. My training is getting more intense and my PT Fanny is back from her holiday and on Tuesday the whip is back. I have 8 hours left to use with Fanny and I will give it my best and max it!

So week 4 – keep it clean and mean! Wish you a joyful Sunday evening!



Published by Elsa Ulrika Collvin

44 year old woman in the south of Sweden. Things I love: Ove the dog, Signe Larsson the cat, the sea, green life lakes, the ocean, plants, fashion, vintage all in a good old mix, hip hop, sneakers, the sun, my family, mindfulness, Yoga, movies, books, dancing, cycling, food. I do not love: too long winters, grumpy old men, grumpy old women, animal cruelty, net hate, rasism

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