My Jillian Michaels is back and Obama is coming to town!

Hey! Even though autumn is coming knocking with cold evenings, nights and mornings today the sun warmed the day up and I got all summery feelings again. And my mind is sunny and today is exactly one month before my trip to London meeting the sweet Northener and the Bizzills’ again. Wooopiidoooo! And, before London, I have just booked in Malta, work trip for 23-28th September to have a good kick off, work shop and meetings with the team on the sunny island. SO MUCH FUN!

This autumn will be a busy one but I am so much in the loop and feeling energetic and ready for challenges and new life learnings. I thank whole30 and my own determination and stubordness a lot for that. I feel clean and I am enjoying living a cleaner life. Bad food and pointlesso things in life like over consuming and focusing on the material stuff is on the shelf now and I hope that they will stay there for a long long time. Last autumn I had bad problems with health that some of you know about and I was in physical pain a lot which affected my mental and emotional  stress as well.  This autumn I am kicking it! I am grateful.

The city centre of Stockholm is totally closed off due to Mr President Barack Obama is coming to town for a state visit. It is his first visit to Sweden and he is landing shortly (maybe, nobody really knows…). It is a very BIG thing him coming. I guess the plans are still up in the air due to the Syria situation so – we will see tomorrow if he is here or not. I thought he is landing tonight but nothing for certain. Mr President Obama – välkommen till Sverige, enjoy your stay!


SAS big banner all over! Mr Obama, we are ready for you.

ImageFrom state visits over to serious things. What’s in your handbag? Mine contains gym clothes, make up bag, grip cream for my hands in the gym and this day straws to use in the office as my colleagues complain that my red lipstick don’t come off in the washer machine (good quality Shiseido stuff!). My Macbook Air fits well in the side pocket and right now my Paleo cook book goes in there. I am an avid paleo student reading up on new recipes every chance I get. Since the inner city is closed off for traffic it will be bus and tube the next couple of days, meaning a lot of cook book reading time. I can easily say that my Diane von Furstenburg tote holds essential things for my everyday life to run smoothly. 

ImageMe and my PT Fanny Åström’s first session since July and OMG it was tough! I felt so weak but gave it all I had and I have never sweated as much before in a PT session. I had lost a lot of my strength but two sessions a week will get me strong again. She whipped my ass! If you live in Stockholm and need help working out hard and learning how to get strong and fit book a session with Fanny – here!

ImageOve the dog is curled up like the donought he is impatiently waiting for another Biggest Loser episode where Jillian Michaels and the team change the lives of a bunch unhealthy Americans. Having been super big myself I feel so much with the participants and I just get inspired keeping my healthy lifestyle and stay on the right track.

And on Friday, my own Jillian Fanny Michaels will take out the whip again and make me push myself that little bit harder. And I am thankful for every drop of sweat and aching muscle that come out of it.

Wop wop wop – TTYL beautiful blog reader! And as Jillian Michaels and Fanny Åström both go by: “Attempting is trying to fail.” So quit trying, and just do it! There is no day like today and your health and well being IS and should be number 1 in this life of yours.

Now off to find an outfit worthy a President for tomorrow. I mean, who knows who I might bump into!?


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