Leather, vintage silk and good money karma.

Autumn has landed in Stockholm and the rain hit down hard on my way in to the office in the morning. I spent bits of Sunday down in my storage room looking for autumn coats and boots. I am on a shopping ban so no new autumn outfits for me! I dusted off my biker boots from Jeffrey Campbell and sprayed my leather jacket thouroughly with rain protection.

Talking about the shopping ban that I’ve been on since August. I gave myself a financial intervention for birthday present. Meaning, sitting with my budget and an annual plan looking at all money coming in and stuff going out. I need to save much more to get a good buffert going as I have been useless at doing that since last year. After the separation from my ex I did buy a huge amount of expensive interior design and lovely stuff to wear. Since mid August I have been super strict, only allowed myself to spend money on health and fitness (and yes that entails kitchenware and kitchen gadgets and cook books to some extent). Not lipgloss, nail polish or crazy looking t-shirts targeted to skinny 16 year olds! I have been an adult and exchanged impulse shopping to planning ahead instead. This, is, good, stuff. Today – my sensible living paid back, literally. I got a bill from my prior broadband/phone/digital tv operator, that I did cancel end of July. I called them up regarding the bill as I clearly shouldn’t pay it, however, since being a bit reckless in my (close) past I wanted to double check. The man told me to tear that bill up, also, I had allready paid two bills too many before and I am getting the money refunded. This is good karma, good money karma. Everything counts!

ImageBye, bye bill!


Some of my old bits and bobs to use this autumn. One of my dearest possessions is my Hermès scarf from 1981 that my mum got from my dad and that I now have taken over.My, a bit too tight, Alexander McQueen leather jacket and tad too big biker boots from Jeffrey Campbell. That is bargain online shopping for ya’!

ImageLeather and lace and trying to look as if someone else is taking my selfie. I know I am fooling noone.

ImageMy new morning routine pre breakfast and shower is this Hulk-juice that actually made me gag this morning. But, it is good for me, and I need more boost for the autumn. I mixed spinache, kale, ruccola (that destroyed it), lemon and fresh ginger. I will get used to a bit of a juice gag each morning.

ImageWorked late this evening and instead of training I focused on being creative. Meaning getting my nails golden. Shopping ban also means no visits to my nail salon. Please observe that these polishes were purchased before Christmas 2012. Nothing new! This colour is also dedicated to one of my new favourite HBO characters, Ari Gold in Entourage!

This Monday gets two thumbs up! Pretty productive and good food and just being grateful for my life and what I DO have and not focusing on what I DON’T have. Now, shhhhhhh, back to Entourage. Yes, I am an addict many years later! Jeremy Piven, oh man! I had a crush on him even back when he was in the Ellen sitcom. And the crush is back on!

blogg16sep6Oh Jeremy!

Catch me later! Please?


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