Countdown has begun and budgets are in the making

Today the artistic and creative side of me has taken a few steps aside and make room for financial pondering, estimating, counting, predicting – GUESSING, gutfeeling it. Yes, the last prognosis of the year is due in to my CMO and then the budget for 2014 is supposed to be delivered next week. Lord, I am a tad out of my depth but I do it my way and it doesn’t look too shabby. In order to dedicate myself to this task that is one of my main challenges in my work I have the privilige to be able to work from home in my quiet flat without charming colleagues bubbling away around me. My kitchen is full with print outs at the moment and colourful excels is scattered around to help me in my findings and revelations. to simplify my findings. My head is spinning right now and I am too worked up even to be tired.


On Monday I am off to Malta. Living in a hotel, on an Island where alcohol is cheaper than water and they serve gorgeous pasta, fabulous pizza and have like pastery for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Challenge indeed ahead of me. As per normal I am packing my gym gear and I will be an avid visitor in the hotel gym and take morning walks and a swim. There will be wine and a bit of a party on Wednesday but I will focus on my paleo and main goal will be not to gain any weight being there. +-0 and I am happy. Burn it! And try and stay clean.

Right now in this narrative moment it is exactly 14 days before I land in London visiting The Bizills and hanging out with my Northener number 1. Sooooo looking forward to London time and a bit of a British Adventure. I spoke to lady Bizill today and we are body combating and pubbing, in that order together. And I am soooooooo longing for that bunch of people!

ImageToday’s dinner was a big salad plate with all organic veggies, toasted sesame seeds and smoked salmon. On the side, crisps made out of banana plantaine (?), with a bit of chili on them.

ImageOk – so on Saturday I am giving my body and mind full focus and will have an entire day not thinking about work and budgets and numbers. I am looking forward to an hour of thai massage and then yoga class ( for beginners, I am not very yoga like, mind nor body). I will give myself spa time in my own bathroom with bubble bath, candles and facial masks and stuff. I am getting into it with these beautiful teas from pukka. Organic and fair trade. I am not a big tea drinker but I am aiming to be. I mean, to start with, the boxes are gorgeous in my kitchen. And,  I feel a little more yoga when drinking a cup of green tea. Even though I hate the way my tongues feel after. Do you know what I mean? Like coarse…and a bit dry.

Now, time for this brain to relax and rest. Tomorrow, new challenges and numbers to be crushed. And stuff. And shit.

tata for now!

Ulrika – soon to be nobel prize winner in “how to calculate easy peasy things in really extraordinary complicated ways and doodeling it all down in cryptic messages that noone (myself included) will understand after 24 hours.” It is not at all far from Russell Crowe’s character in A Beautiful Mind. %%%%#2″””aa!!!! ?““times 8.

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