Yoga collapse and preparing for summer – again.

Hey! Ok, so the Friday was one manic Friday workwiseI Campaign planning in the last minute and delivering prognosis (on time) and then confirming mine and my colleagues hotel in Malta for the upcoming week. The lady at the Palace did NOT find my booking and I started to sweat as I know that most of the decent hotels nearby Sliema or St Julians were fully booked. After a bit of bantering and me going “Well, madame, I am SURE you will find two rooms allready paid for under my name.!!!!” “I mean you MUST see the booking right there on your screen, take a closer look PLEASE!!!”. She sure did, and she called me back and sweetly explained to my clever self that the booking was not for September but for October.  T.I.T.S.U.P!! Anyways, after an hour on different  sites we managed to hunt down 2 rooms, one for another colleague as well who was kind of homeless. Me and my lady colleauge will have to share room, which is not optimal but better than no room at all. We ended up paying a grotesque amount of money. I warned my boss….I was laughed at in the office, ridiculed to say the least. Me being the control freak I am normally have things like these all in order. Oh well. We are now staying two nights in the Palace and then three nights in the Fortina in something called Tower rooms. Rapunzel move over! Anyway, I have now prepped my luggage with summer dresses and good outfits. Leaving the Swedish autumn behind for a few days for some Mediterranean lovely salty sea and sun that will do me good. I am looking forward to good meetings and a kick off with old and new colleauges. My job is brill at times!

ImageYes – goggles are packed. Along with a bikini and flip flops. There will be at leaset 5 dips (one a day).

As mentioned in a post prior to this I had a bit of a holistic approach to my Saturday. Much needed after a crazy week in the office. I am intending to work more with mindfulness and even though I am more of an Ari Gold person and a bit hectic at times I know deep within that breathing and taking things easy will do me good. I started the day with 60 minutes of painful Thai massage. I am not the biggest fan of massages. I am not comfortable in having strangers rubbing me around like that. But this lady was like the massage hulk. She murdered me on that bench by pulling my limbs and pressing her elbows so hard i got dizzy at times. She worked wonders and today I feel like so good soft and relaxed (well except from the ache and bruises from yoga). I will book her again and see her on a regular basis. During my massage the phone went off buzzing and I was trying to ignore it. My boss called (he never calls!) and when the massage was done I took my oily self out of there smelling like an eucaluptys tree and checked out my messages. He never recieved my prognosis I emailed on Friday. WTF! Not more of this….I was sure I had emailed it. Anyway straight home and took a quick break from all that serenity stuff and sent him the email – again. Then, showering the oil off and drank some teas and lots of water and off to the gym to continue my holistic Saturday with a yoga class. It was a special class that included beginners (Me) to go through techniques. Ok so…I was the only beginner there, And, it turned out to be a technique class for power yoga (sort of advanced) and the lady (extremely fit and gorgeous) introduced little good tips for jumping out in plank and the dog thing and sun greeting. So far so good, not too advanced. But then, we started to work on the feet, working the flexibilty and strength of the feet, did not work well for me, felt like my toes were going to break underneath me. And then headstand, and then hand stand! And then the crow. Me I was doing child pose much through it all but watched the other ladies acrobatically standing against walls like there was no tomorrow. I have been clumsy all my life. I never ever done a hand stand properly. I have managed head stands but not many of them. But the yoga instructor tried her best helping me to get up to a hand stand against the wall. I was kicking my legs up as  good as I could and up they went against the wall, and in that moment I just forgot to support myself and I crashed all the way down falling over on the side. Loud, and unpretty and painful! I am bruised. But more humiliated than anything else and I remember how I used to feel being a little girl clumsy as a meat ball in the school gym. However, I told her honestly I am frightened to do this and she was good telling me that it can take a long time to get over that fear and getting the technique right. However humiliated during these 75 minutes I liked it all and I have decided to start getting into yoga, but starting with easier things. Last night I spent watching yoga for beginners on youtube and trying different postions out. In the end I even did head stand against my wall, and I could do it! And I even got into the right technique where I could lift my head away a tiny bit from the floor, which proves I was using my back, under arms and shoulders to lift myself up. Of course I crashed a few times (more bruises) and Ove the dog sat up in the sofa giving me the “WTF are you doing”-stare. I have promised myself that before New Year’s Eve I will do it witout the wall. Watch this space. Yoga baby in training! Now I just have to find a good beginner’s class where I can florish and develop. Namaste!


Me with my crash pillows and a bit of cheating head pillow.

ImageOve the dog and I ready for baby sitting two little blondies.


Eyes Wide Shut vibe to this image. Spooky.

All right then. Time to take the little stinky out on his evening walk (it rains now so it will be about 2 minutes long). And then finishing off some work stuff that I won’t have time to do tomorrow due to being busy travelling. And oh, need to book cabs. I am checked in and ready to go. Sun and new work adventures, here I come!

And before bed – there will be head stands! And by the way, no cheating on my paleo. Totally rocking it.

Thanks for stopping by….toodeloo love monkeys.

Ulrika (wondering if it is ok to wear black 100 den tights to hide bruised legs under summer dresses. I can always pretend I am like a cool down hill biker girl bruised and battered. Or maybe I should just paint my knees with Touche Éclat 01?)

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