Bra breaking dancing, a new parka and smurf posing.

I am back after a bit of work in Malta and just getting ready before my London adventure that starts Thursday night. Three nights before i meet the fine Northener again and will chill with the best Bizills in the world. My fabulous father is in Stockholm staying at mine so I am crashing in my walk in closet. I give up my bed for his bad back and I stay on the big air matress that fits perfectly in the closet. Ove the dog and I are now under the covers getting ready for a good long sleep. I love being back in good routines.


Time for launches.ImageSQUEEZE.




ImageThe last day on Malta cotained a few dips from the cliffs outside the hotel. The water there is amazing.

My feet are sore after massive jumps and slides in dance class yesterday and today. My toes feel crushed and the skin is a bit blistered. And my ass is hurting from launches, leg presses and a new CX works routine. I went mental yesterday and today it was an entire new routine in Body Jam to set. So much fun. And so much shaking and twerking that my sports bra broke. Luckily, I always wear two for dance class. D-cup demands that. Or rather, I HATE when it bounces too much. I tucked the bra away in my pants and the show went on, not going into details.

ImageReady for Body Jam with Vladimir the great. Warm and cosy and very well supported.

On Malta it was like a Swedish super hot summer and now back in Sweden it feels like winter is just around the corner. Hats and gloves on and thick tights and boots and stuff. My mum suprised me with a little donation ( I did NOT ask for it) for a new jacket that I spotted. I haven’t tried it on yet and it might be super ugly on. I am so tired of the black and dark brown jackets winter coats. DEPRESSING. So I was thinking, orange. Totally going to try it on tomorrow in the nearest shop. If it looks nice I am buying it!

ImageWhat do you reckon? I think I could pull off this sweet potato, well roasted sweet potato colour.


Now all you fine readers out there. I am drifting off into dream land looking forward to a very good week. And I wish you one too!

Ulrika – the smurf loving dance freak.

ImageBig nose, big feet, HUGE hands – brings a big smile to my face. What happens in Brussels stays in Brussels.

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