TDT – Tits Down Tuesday.

Some days stick. A few things happened to me today that I would like to share with you. It all started with another early start, woke up at 4.15 am. My body is a slow adjuster to winter time this year. I was wide awake and instead of fighthing to snooze a couple of hoursContinue reading “TDT – Tits Down Tuesday.”

Miss you.

My life companion, Ove the dog, is away until Friday with his lovely extra family up in the Swedish “moutains” for a lush autumn break. He is being spoiled rotten with gorgeous forest walks, kids’ cuddling and playing with him and probably feeding him lots of goodies. He is a great dog and he hasContinue reading “Miss you.”

Lady Gaga + My Little Pony = Flute lady.

I am curled up in my sofa resting after having acted game lady boss at my BFF’s daughter’s birthday party this Sunday afternoon. Dance offs, smashing the balloon game, musical chairs, murder at the hotel, chocolate cake, running, jumping and giving orders by using a flute. The birthday girl herself wanted to introduce me as,Continue reading “Lady Gaga + My Little Pony = Flute lady.”

Long lost family

Sunday evening and my Skåne visit at my parents is coming to an end. I took some time out – leaving Stockholm behind – breathing and relaxing with my loving family. Being spoiled rotten by my parents and love bombed by nieces and nephew was the perfect medicine for my lost soul right now. SaturdayContinue reading “Long lost family”

Is that Ove the dog as a what?

I know it isn’t right putting clothes on a dog with a fully developed fur. But I would do almost anything to see Ove the dog in one of the outfits below. I would of course match him in my au naturel costume as bitch. Scary costume. Cute costume. Fun and delicious costume. Yours truly.Continue reading “Is that Ove the dog as a what?”

7 (+2) ways to beat sudden sadness

1. Meet new people, make new friends and hold hands. 2. Look at cute pets. If you don’t have your own, google it. 3. Wear clothes that make you feel gorgeous. Preferably with some colour. 4. Cook and eat well. 5. Dance and smile while doing it. 6. You know the pets I mentioned. CuddleContinue reading “7 (+2) ways to beat sudden sadness”

Painfully beautiful.

Still in pain from my myoma infection but things are better and doctor tells me not to worry. So I won’t! Mentally I am feeling much stronger again. I have been filling my days with positive, strengthening vibes. Meeting friends and enjoying nature and a little bit of training (can’t do it too hard dueContinue reading “Painfully beautiful.”

“The secret of getting ahead is…

…getting started.” Mark Twain is on it! This has been an off week and I feel guilty for feeling bad. I am grateful for the good things in my life and this dip in my life at the moment needs to shift. ACTION; off to the gym, eat better, hang with good people and travelContinue reading ““The secret of getting ahead is…”

13 photos of fun and sun in London.

Yay! I am back and noooooo, I am back! After three lovely sunny days and 4 sweet nights away in London and Sunbury I am now back home in my singlehood mansion trying to settle with good routines and work again. It was a lovely time spent with friends and the Northener and it wasContinue reading “13 photos of fun and sun in London.”