13 photos of fun and sun in London.

Yay! I am back and noooooo, I am back! After three lovely sunny days and 4 sweet nights away in London and Sunbury I am now back home in my singlehood mansion trying to settle with good routines and work again. It was a lovely time spent with friends and the Northener and it was a bitter sweet moment when saying our good byes at Stansted. I am an absolute cry baby at farewells and I hate crying in public so instead of leaning in and showing my emotion I stress, panic and rush off like an idiot instead. Embrace, Ulrika Collvin, embrace!

So, now, a bit torn but happy still, I have comfort eated one evening too many and feeling bloated like a bomb. But, tomorrow morning I am kicking myself in the ass off to spinning at 06.45 and then some more dance classes and interval training for the rest of the week. Need to get my endorphines levels up again. Paleo was a challenge in London, so, need to dig a bit deeper for my motivation and inspiration. Now – there was me feeling a bit sorry for myself, enough of that and time to get on top of things. No time to waste! Here is my weekend in pictures.

ImageCovent Garden entertainment. Man with big balls all watched from the terrace at Punch and Judy’s.

ImageA sunny lunch at 21 started with a platter of good meat.

ImageGroovin’ it – getting ready for pubbing in Bermondsey street.



ImageBig eyes, big coffee after big burger in Kingston.

ImageLe Smokey smile!ImageMr B is up in the greens. Harvest time in Sunbury.

Big boys walking the walk.ImageDouble trouble out on adventures with some birds.


Two Swedes in a field. Off to the Phoenix by the river.

ImageImagePub view in Sunbury.

ImageMr B made us a perfect Sunday roast. Thank you!

Now it his high time to get some paleo cooking going and prepare tomorrow’s meals. I have bought lots of stuff for my morning power smoothie before training and for lunch I am prepareing viatnamese cabbage salad with chicken and hot cilantro dressing. I need to start listen to my body again and get myself boosted. Wop wop wop wop!

Never forget, my problem, my solution. But, inspiration and support from friends and loved ones is key. Thank you for reading. I will be back soon. Oh and yes, the parka was a no no no. Sweet potato alarm and way to baggy for my shape. If I ever looked short and round it would be in that. I got myself a grey coat á la Sound of Music instead.

Toodeloo love monkeys!


Published by Elsa Ulrika Collvin

44 year old woman in the south of Sweden. Things I love: Ove the dog, Signe Larsson the cat, the sea, green life lakes, the ocean, plants, fashion, vintage all in a good old mix, hip hop, sneakers, the sun, my family, mindfulness, Yoga, movies, books, dancing, cycling, food. I do not love: too long winters, grumpy old men, grumpy old women, animal cruelty, net hate, rasism

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