Long lost family

Sunday evening and my Skåne visit at my parents is coming to an end. I took some time out – leaving Stockholm behind – breathing and relaxing with my loving family. Being spoiled rotten by my parents and love bombed by nieces and nephew was the perfect medicine for my lost soul right now. Saturday morning my pappa and I took a fresh long walk by the sea and a happy Ove running loose on the beach. Saturday evening my parents made a fantastic autumn feast and my brother and his family joined to enjoy a lovely meal, good wine and lots of hugs. As per normal the food was delicious (not super paleo friendly but in some ways yes…) and the table was set beautifully with atumn leaves, chestnuts, roses and lots of candles.

Today we did a road trip to the east coast, visiting the grave where my mother’s grand mother rests. My mother planted lovely winter flowers and we lit candles for our close ones that are not walking the same grounds we are anymore. The day was grey, cold and wet but our spirits were high continuiing our road trip. Stopping for coffees and then some outlet shopping ( I did not shop, sticking to my budgets…). I was quiet in the back reading It starts with food by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. It is a true eye opener and I am just starting this journey of getting more knowledge and make something real out of it. I believe that clean eathing and whole foods is the way forward. A food revolution is slowly taking place and I am on board!

ImageGood morning Malmö!

ImageOve the dog wet and windy and grey.ImageVisited a pet store and I drooled over these budgies.ImagePlenty of glassware to drink from. Red, white and sherry. Branson did well again.

ImageLeaves and chestnuts are pretty and Paleo friendly.ImageThe littlest one is getting big. And not to mention super cool.ImageMy lovely little M.

ImageAuntie is being love bombed by three love monkeys. And I love it!

ImageFour flames for four that has moved on. Mormor, morfar, farmor och farfar – ni är alltid med mig.

I took my mum to the cinema and we saw The Butler. I enjoyed it a lot. Forest Whittaker is one of my favourite actors. Here is a clip from the movie Smoke.

Ok – wrapping up here, need to pack and get ready for going back to Stockholm and start working on some plans I have made this weekend. Stuff, good stuff, all good stuff.

Look for me later!


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