To write or not to write.

Lovemonkeys! Longer and longer between my blog posts and that is how it will be until I am inspired again. Inspired to smile, laugh and feel something other than physical pain, exhaustion and sadness. I am ridiculously tired of my health situation and I don’t like typing out too much about it, nor do IContinue reading “To write or not to write.”

Above surface and I’ve Got Life.

And that’s about it right now. Since last Sunday I have been to the ER once over bleeding due to the myoma, to my gynecologist once for more tests and I am now aenemic due to too much blood loss. I am eating supplements to increase my iron levels but I am feeling tired andContinue reading “Above surface and I’ve Got Life.”

Filling up the love cup.

If you waited for my one week of whole30 meals I am sorry to say you waited in vain. I broke the clean eating several times. Wednesday dinner turned into white wine and lovely company on the side. And then a few days of recklessly bingeing and relapsing followed. I have been fighting some bigContinue reading “Filling up the love cup.”