Filling up the love cup.

If you waited for my one week of whole30 meals I am sorry to say you waited in vain. I broke the clean eating several times. Wednesday dinner turned into white wine and lovely company on the side. And then a few days of recklessly bingeing and relapsing followed. I have been fighting some big dark demons the last days (weeks really) and I am finally having a break through.

Actions to be be taken are:

-contacting the therapist and maybe starting treatment again

-throwing out the scales, working on the mindfulness and starting with meditation

-follow each day, an easy, paleo plan that I completed today

-increase workouts

-get more sleep

-starting hatha yoga on Friday afternoons

-filling up the self love account

Physically I am feeling better after the antibiotics are done with. Haven’t taking strong pain killers since Tuesday. In two weeks I have another check up but in general it feels much better now.  Am very very happy with that.


ImageA cup of love? I’ll have two please.

ImageSweet feet to tickle. My new friend is a little package of joy.

ImageA coffee break deluxe.

The journey continues. And I am embracing it all. Smiles, tears, anxiety, hope, highs, lows, love, hate. I am on my way. Using my tools: writing, music, reading, friends, family, Ove the dog, photography, dance, movies, training and all those other things that makes me go mmmmmmmmmmm.

Wishing you a lovely Sunday and thank you for reading and supporting! I am off dancing my pants off at World Class and after that preparing some tuna and sweet potatoe cakes for dinner and lunch.


One thought on “Filling up the love cup.

  1. Anorher action to be taken: don’t be so hard on your self. You don’t have to be skinny to be perfect. You are perfect just the way you are.

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