Above surface and I’ve Got Life.

And that’s about it right now. Since last Sunday I have been to the ER once over bleeding due to the myoma, to my gynecologist once for more tests and I am now aenemic due to too much blood loss. I am eating supplements to increase my iron levels but I am feeling tired and walking around like a turtle scared of increasing the blood loss. Today is the first day since the big “burst” last Sunday night I am not scared of moving due to too much bleeding.

It hasn’t been very painful physically this time around but it has been very draining. So all other plans are out of the window for now. Priority number one getting this myoma in order. If that is surgery or hormonial treatment, I am not certain right now. Tomorrow I am off to the doctor’s again. Since there is not much blood to speak of today I will do a bit of dance (soft one) class tonight.

Now I will keep on breathing and being grateful that I am not in pain and that I am feeling better. Also, my pappa B is coming tomorrow to stay and it will be a blessing having some company. Today is Father’s day and oh my how happy I am to be the daughter of my dad. Nothing compares.

ImagePappa B and I having a dance off back in June when being on holiday in the south of France. God I long for that energy again.

Enough pity partying. As Nina Simone sings it “i’ve got life!” and so I will keep on dancing and get the hell out of this place I am in right now.

Wishing you a lovely Sunday and to all the present, loving and encouraging dads out there, you rock!

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