To write or not to write.


Longer and longer between my blog posts and that is how it will be until I am inspired again. Inspired to smile, laugh and feel something other than physical pain, exhaustion and sadness. I am ridiculously tired of my health situation and I don’t like typing out too much about it, nor do I like to talk too much about it. If it is a bore and dread to me I can only begin to think how boring it would be for you to read about it. But here goes: The bleeding is better than it was a week ago but each day is a bit of a struggle and I am getting examined like a test rabbit at the hospital. It is really up and down. I am thankful for feeling better but I must say that the last months have taken their toll on me and the self pity party along with blood loss and lots of pain and zillion’s examinations at the gyn have not made me a nice person to be around with. I am to better myself. Enough with the bitterness, enough. There are always people much worse off and I do trust that this state will be temporary.

I am feeling more optimistic. I don’t want to indulge in this and therefore I am not as frequent writing away at the moment on Much due to the fact that my main time outside of work is dedicated to sleep and just focus on getting better. I haven’t been able to train as much and the healthy way of life feels a bit out of reach at the moment. I do not feel inspired. I am taking a step back. And when I am feeling better you will know. And that could just as well be tomorrow. Who the hell knows? I am glad everyday I don’t bleed trough my clothes.

Good things lately: having had R’s cat family over to spend two days and a night in my walk in closet. Nice dinner at A’s. My dad came up for business but stayed at mine and spoiled me. Doing well on meditating, it does help me relax. Meeting my PT again this week. Looking into yoga classes. Will take things slow but I know it will be a boost. The days I eat clean are the best, unfortunately, they are not many lately. I love the fact that I am friends with my ex. I also look forward to the Northener coming over for a visit in 16 days and straight after his visit my darling mum is coming up for a few days. There are Christmas lunches and parties to look forward to. And beautiful friends and loved ones around me. Head up and feet down!

Ta ta for now!


ImageKitten cuddles!

ImageLinda Nicole with her three new little ones.

ImageTo die for! This one I might keep….might….might….ImageGoodness on a plate to balance out the bad shit I been filling myself with.

ImagePositive thinking! And I just realised I havent been to the hairdresser since beginning of May…

ImageMore goodies!


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