Movie date with that special someone.

Today was spent in the company of stars. First taking my soon to be 3 year old nephew to his first cinema experience. The movie itself was an animated version of Astrid Lindgren’s  That boy Emil and nostalgia made me fond of it. But the best part was watching Gabriel staring at the screen inContinue reading “Movie date with that special someone.”

Batman cape and 18 years.

Since I last wrote the Northener came and left, I caught the worst cold in 5 years and I celebrated Christmas with my lovely family in Skåne. I am writing to you very hungover, from my parents’ sofa in a rainy and grey Malmö. I am staying here (in Malmö, not in the sofa specifically)Continue reading “Batman cape and 18 years.”

Time to catch the love bug.

I am back and I am feeling up and pretty jolly. Health wise much more stabile and super close to pain free – wohooo! Training is going much better and today my body is aching after yesterday’s pt session with fantastic Fanny at World Class. I am still much weaker than I have been butContinue reading “Time to catch the love bug.”