Time to catch the love bug.

I am back and I am feeling up and pretty jolly. Health wise much more stabile and super close to pain free – wohooo! Training is going much better and today my body is aching after yesterday’s pt session with fantastic Fanny at World Class. I am still much weaker than I have been but getting strong day by day and I feel and I look better. I am keeping up my yoga and my meditation and I do feel it works on my overall thinking and feeling. I felt so good I bought a pair of boots I have been longing for and drooling over to celebrate. From the Swedish brand Gram, they are weight less and gorgeous if you ask me.

ImageLike walking on clouds!

ImageOff doing stuff in my new boots. Tacky quality but that is an old iPhone for you.

I am so looking forward to my English Northener friend coming over this weekend. There will be chilling, hanging, cinema going, Swedish Christmas markets and SNOW! Yes…I mean I am not the most avid winter lover but Christmas markets surely get more Christmas markety with a bit of snow covering the grounds. I warmed up Christmas “marketing” on Sunday with BFF A and little kiddies and Ove the dog. It was the local one in Nyckelviken. Fun for the kids, windy and freezing and smelling of cow shit for the adults. However, always fun seeing kids going mental over animals in the stables and super enthusiastic over the little bits of candy that was sold there.

Oh and…I am back on the love market, I mean I have been on the market for almost a year, but now I am lookingish. Signed up to an online dateing service. It is time. Soon a year of singlehood and figuring things out is definately up. I am ready to give and get love! I have had two meetings so far. One good, one bad. No details. But I live and I learn. And have fun along the way. There is no rush.

ImageHappy and cold little ones!

ImageLight my fire.

ImageFine coffee with one of my premiere dates this time. Not doing that one again. Well the café yes, the man no.

Now I am soon off to a partay with old colleagues in their new offices. A bit of drinks and hugs and gossip. So looking forward! Check out Quick Spin – We love slots!

Wishing you a lovely Wednesday!

Will be back sooner than you think.

Ulrika – off to catch the love bug.

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